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Subject: FLASH: FONT HELL!!!
From: Tuminello, Michael
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 22:58:51 +0100

Hello all -

I am an established lurker on the list, and was searching through my
collected messages, but did not find anything that pertained to font
problems on the Mac.

I am having serious problems with Flash recognizing a Postscript font.
The bizarre thing is that I have been using this font with flash on this
project for about 2 months. Suddenly, it can't find the outlines,
although the font looks fine in authoring mode. I thought it might be
ATM 4.0, but I have also had that the whole time, and am having the same
problem whether I use deluxe, 4 regular, or 3.9. I have tried it on
other machines as well, but to no avail, which make me think that Flash
has internalized whatever problem it is having. The only way for it to
work is to restart. It then saves or exports correctly - ONLY the first

Please save me from this restarting hell I'm in, if you know anything at



PS: I may be ready to cast the first vote against adoption of the open
flash file format.

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  Re: FLASH: FONT HELL!!!, John Croteau

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