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Subject: Re: FLASH: text is alias & antialias
From: John Croteau
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 16:04:08 +0100


> AH ok i think i understand now.
> By setting to auto high and setting my framerate to 25 on most computers my font will lose its antialiasing when processor power is being used
> for tweens and such.
By setting the frame rate to 25 frames per second you are correct, very
few computers will be able to maintain that speed even for an animation
built with only very simple shapes. With standard text virtually no
computer will maintain an animation in Flash at that rate so if not set
as High, the Quality will fall to Low temporarily while animating.

> John what if all fonts are broken apart before being made symbols so that they
> are images and how much might this increase file size? When you use a font
> in flash just how much file size would be saved over a image of same proportions?
Fonts broken apart are usually about the same size (a little larger or a
little smaller) as the original font. However some Fonts when broken
apart can be optimized to be substantually smaller. Usually the only way
to see if this has any advantage is trying it.

> PS i tried with settings on high and all was fixed but is it a fine line
> when use autohigh or high or is it depending or amount of font
> compared to animation happening?
If your animation plays better with Quality as Low then it is a much
better technique to set the Quality as High then toggle the Quality at
the beginning of the animation (turning Quality to low) then Toggle the
Quality back to High when the animation back to High. This is far better
because unlike AutoHigh you control the Quality and you don't get
flickering Quality.

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