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Subject: FLASH: variable FRUSTRATION again
From: Deanna Doelitzsch
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 22:48:25 +0100

I tried the

Set Variable: "xyz" = 3
(in one frame action)

If ("xyz" = 2)
End if
(in another)

I've tried many combinations and it always does the last thing on the list
in the "if" statement.


In the last frame I tried...

If ("xyz" = 2)
End if

This keeps the head moving even if xyz = 2!!
These actions make the playback stop no matter if I change the first value
of the variable (to anything) in the preceding frame.

Another thing. How does a text field update to show me if the variable is
changing or even what the value of that variable is?

I'm really confused and frustrated. Please help!!


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