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Subject: Re: FLASH: variable FRUSTRATION again
From: John Croteau
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 23:46:19 +0100

Hi Deanna,

> Set Variable: "xyz" = 3
> (in one frame action)

> If ("xyz" = 2)
> Stop
> End if
> (in another)

If your code is setting to 3 as you posted it will keep going past the
frame where you are checking for 2. If you set the variable to equal the
same numeric value then it will stop as long as the setting comes before
the reading.

One more thing, all code placed in different frame action boxes in the
same frame but on different layers are treated as if they are in one
single frame action dialog.

Different frames means the rames are at different frames horizonally
along the timeline.

It is normal for Flash to execute only one (the lowest one) of
conflicting actions on a frame even if they appear in different dialogs
on different layers.

> Another thing. How does a text field update to show me if the variable
> is changing or even what the value of that variable is?
On the change of a frame in a buton , movie clip or maoin timeline if
the value of a variable set in the properties of texfield text has
changed the text field will be updated.

If you are still having problems zip it up and put it on a server.
If you don't have one then you may use the FC anonymous FTP site.
Make you explain in detail what you want it to do as well as what it is
not doing right as well as the location of the file.

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  FLASH: variable FRUSTRATION again, Deanna Doelitzsch

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