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Subject: Re: FLASH: True 3d site (glasses and everything!)
From: unique
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 00:48:14 +0100

james wrote:

> I'm curious how one could develop a truely 3D flash
> movie that requires the glasses in order to see the 3D
> appearance.
> It would require ChromaDepth 3D imaging, correct? How
> can one achieve or come close to simulating that via
> Flash?
> Ideas? Is there a public site like this for viewing -
> I have a pair of glasses. :-)

I found this on ChromaTek's site:

"On a black background, red will appear closest, blue furthest, and the
other colors will fall in-between according to their place in the
rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue)."

So it sounds to me as if, if you want to move an object forward (toward
the viewer), you'd have to change it's color ... I doubt that this would
be a effective means of indicating depth in a movie, right?.

Thought the Red/Cyan (anaglyph) offer their own "crudities" (e.g., you
can't incorporate color effects into your artwork), they *do* provide a
means to get real forward/backward movement into your movie.

I posted this URL to this list last week, to a thunderous round of
silence. :-) In case you didn't see it ...

http://www.kensherwood.com/3Dplay2a.htm (you'll need Red/Cyan glasses)

... it's a basic illustration of the changes you must create in order to
simulate 3-D movement ... size, position, and distance between the red
and cyan versions. More complex objects involve *perspective* shifts as
well (left eye sees a differently shaped form than the right, viewing
from a slightly different angle).

Happy to discuss this further with you! I've done more work on this than
just that little line rotating and moving toward you.


Ken Sherwood


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