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Subject: FLASH: Percentage Loader Tutorial ?
From: 2Nerotik
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 07:00:31 +0100

Could somebody PLEASE give me a fla & HTML file for a percentage loader
that uses the FSCommand.

I've tried the 2 tutorials I could find... and to put it bluntly... They Suck !

Why ?

Because when I download the fla to look at... I expect it to have in it,
what was in the SWF Movie.

I'm a visual person... I can learn by reading but at times I really need to see
EVERYTHING that went into making the working percentage loader in the
SWF Movie.

This includes all the MC, percentage bar with all it's tweens etc.

I'd really appreciate any help.


PS: If you receive this more than once... it's not a repeat... well it is,
but not
from the list... I cross posted to 3 Flash lists in hope of somebody giving
a helping
hand... I know I shouldn't do this but I really want a hand with this. =c)
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