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Subject: Re: FLASH: possibly [ot]: installing flash 4 trial version for mac g4 (trying to, anyway)
From: Frederico
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 16:57:39 +0100

On 9/30/1999 8:42 AM, a p r i l b i n g h a m via aprilatpulsefx [dot] com, said:

>if anyone has any suggestions, i'd much appreciate it

Have you ever installed any other Macromedia demos on this machine?
Dreamweaver? Fireworks? Each installs invisible files that may be
interfering with your new demo.

Is your Date and Time, and your location properly set? (don't try to
cheat the timer, it doesn't like it).

How much memory do you have allocated to Flash4? Try increasing it by at
least 300k.

What happens if you delete all visible traces of Flash4 demo (including
prefs files and extents), set 'Extensions Manager' to 'ALL OFF', then
Restart, then reinstall the application, then Restart, then relaunch?

FWIW, we have found repeated damage to the System Suitcase and Finder
prefs files while trying to use Macromedia demos. Coincidence? Who
knows. You may need to replace the core System parts from a known-good
backup, if the demo is crashing your System with it.

1) Run Disk First Aid v8.5.2 or Disk Warrior 1.0.4 on all mounted
volumes, make notes of any errors, then also

2) *delete* and rebuild your Desktop as described here:
(don't just use the simple 'Restart-Command-Option method, it's wrong).

3) While running from CD,
--a) delete (or move to Desktop) the following files from the primary
System Folder: Preferences folder:
-- Apple Menu Options prefs (or BeHeirarchic)
-- Display Prefs
-- Finder prefs
-- File Exchange Prefs
-- General Controls prefs
-- MacOS prefs
-- Sound Prefs
-- System prefs
-- any pref for any application that is causing problems (Flash4)

4) examine the need for optimisation and defragmentation and execute if
greater than 3%.
--Do *not* use TechToolPro "Optimizer" feature on your Startup Volume, as
it can actually degrade your System Performance.
-- Use Norton Speed Disk at your own risk! Be sure you are 100% backed up
before using this tool.


You may need to do a virgin installation of the OS to a spare volume (you
did partition that big fat hard drive Apple gave you, didn't you?) and
try to reinstall the demo there, in case the invisibles it installs are
corrupted, else you need to hunt the invisibles out and delete them, too.

Another nasty rumor I refuse to confirm is that MM is accused of writing
to PRAM when you use a demo, so, in addition to killing the invisibles,
you will also need to zap PRAM to clear out anything stored there.



~First they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight you,
then you win.~

--Mahatma Ghandi

Think AltiVec

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