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Subject: RE: FLASH: ASP problems
From: Greg Bueltmann
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 20:16:21 +0100

The suggestions received have been very helpful and I was suffering from the
common misconception that "Load Variables" only got variables from a file.
I'm close to getting this to work, but still no cigar.

I'm not sure what level I should specify in the location. I have tried 0,
1, and "/." I don't know what "/" does, but I saw it in one of the
examples. My action is as follows...

On (Release)
Load Variables ("survey.asp",0,vars=POST)
Go to and Stop ("Thank you")
End On

I've checked and re-checked all the variables and made sure they are
correctly spelled and that the capitalization matches and I've tested my
.asp script to make sure it works with an HTML form. Still not working.

A couple of questions...

1. Does it matter if I have any HTML attached to my ASP script? To test
using HTML I have been inserting HTML after the script in order to see

2. What does "/" mean in the location level?

3. What else should I look for to figure out why this isn't working?

Many thanks,


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> Subject: Re: FLASH: ASP problems
> THE "load variables into location" (instead of get url) also
> send variables over
> to the script, but unlike "get url" it can receive variables
> and their values
> bakv at the same time, and leaves you within the flash movie,
> doesnt send you to
> another page.
> I think its a common misconception that "load variables"
> thingy is only used for
> getting variables and values from somewhere ...though it is a
> 2-way communicaion
> - and you choose which way - or both - you wanna communicate
> With regards to your problem ...check that the variable names
> for you text
> fields in the flash movie are EXACTLY the same as your norman
> HTML forms'.
> Spelling. uppercase lower case ets. Also make sure you use
> "get" or "post"
> according to what the script use.
> Hope this helps
> Michael Bain

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