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Subject: FLASH: Fw: Cheri Harder
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 21:32:11 +0100

> Hi. Let me try to explain a couple of things about the sample file I
> In frame 4, where I set the xyz variable, I didn't really "add" the
> just left the value as a string variable (ie., left the little "abc"
> on) but it works just as well if I change that button to be the expression
> variable (the "=" sign) in that frame (which automatically removes the
> quotes from around the 2). Where it matters, I think, is in the "IF"
> statement in the actions in frame 5. There, it is definately evaluating
> expression, so there is no quote around the 2 in frame 5. If you look
> carefully at your code and compare to the code in the sample frames 4 and
> you should be able to find the problem. Either that, or send me the FLA &
> I'll try to find it.
> As far as local or global variables, I think of it as kind of a hybrid.
> don't have to declare the variables as local or global, but as long as you
> refer to them using the complete "path" to them and the object they are
> declared in still exists, you can refer to them from anywhere. In other
> words, if you declare a variable in a movie clip that is still on the main
> timeline when another movie clip is introduced, your new movie clip can
> reference the other variable, using the full path to it (like
> "level0/mc1:varname" or some such...there are some good references to
> on Flash Central) Anyway, I hope this helps. It's hard to explain
> seeing your reaction when I'm "talking" <grin>
> (copying this to the list so others can check my explanation...I'm pretty
> new at this too! The FLA I sent Deanna just has a simple
> IF..GoTo...statement for demo purposes)
> ~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
> Advantage Web Solutions
> http://members.home.com/cherica
> AdvantageWebSolutionsatHome [dot] com (mailto:AdvantageWebSolutionsatHome [dot] com)

> > Hi Cheri. Thanks so much for taking the time to show me about
> I
> > still don't understand why you used quotes around the 2. I was told by
> > others that a literal number does not need quotes. I am thoroughly
> > confused.
> >
> > Is there such a thing as local and global variables. Is there a place
> > declare them or does it do it automatically? I'm also having a lot of
> > trouble when using the [if] statements in actions. It always seems to
> > the last thing in the action no matter if it is play or stop. Thanks
> again.
> > Deanna

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