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Subject: Re: FLASH: shape tweening help?
From: Karin Christensen
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 22:07:27 +0100

Hi Carla,

>My question this time is about shape tweening.
>I'm trying to tween a word from looking normal to a mangled looking
>that I created in Illustrator. I'll tell you what I've done: made two
>separate frames on a layer, and one has the normal looking word and
>other has the mangled one. Neither of them are symbols. But the tween
>didn't show.
>So next I chose Break Apart. But that didn't work either.

When you break the text apart you then have many shapes. You can't
tween more than one shape per layer. So you would have to put each
letter on a separate layer and tween from one normal (broken apart)
letter to the (broken apart) mangled letter.

Karin Christensen
karincatccosmo [dot] net

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