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Subject: Re: FLASH: websafe colors?!
From: Matt Spiegler
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 20:18:06 +0100

Part of their point was that Flash handles color on its own, separate from the
browser, and handles it better, so you'll get a closer match to your intended
colors and won't get weird color shifts within the swf. . However, Flash does
not handle the background color of the HTML page in which it is displayed.
Therefore, you can have perfect color IN your flash movie, but since the
browser handles the bgcolor, and handles it differently from Flash, you're
still SOL if the browser decides to shift your bgcolor.

julie gargan wrote:

> they claim the color shift that
> people experience is not as prevalent with flash.....(which doesn't explain
> why many people have problems with their bgcolors not matching between flash
> and html....)

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  FLASH: websafe colors?!, julie gargan

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