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Subject: FLASH: Random with telltarget
From: Motomichi
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 21:38:48 +0100

Hi to all

Sorry to ask you again and again, I am still hoping that someone might know

I am working on a wave animation and it consists three layers. Each layer
has a 4 different version of the waves and they randomly plays.

At the very first frame i have the follwoing script.

tellTarget ("/Front" add (random(4) + 1)) {
gotoAndPlay ("Play");
tellTarget ("/Back" add (random(4) + 1)) {
gotoAndPlay ("Play");
tellTarget ("/Middle" add (random(4) + 1)) {
gotoAndPlay ("Play");

At the end of each Wave MC I have as follows(of course i have /Front,
/Middle for the others):

tellTarget ("/Back" add (random(4) + 1)) {
gotoAndPlay ("Play");

Weird thing is that it works fine if play it with flash player but not in
the html page or browsers. I have the other sample which triggers the random
telltarget with a button and it works fine.. maybe the one I have doesn't
trigger the telltarget? Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

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