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Subject: Re: FLASH: Controling movie from javascript: revisited
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 04:39:51 +0100

Do you have swLiveConnect=true in the <embed> tag?

If so, I'm out of ideas.

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Sergio Santos wrote:
> Well, I started a thread about controlling a movie with javascript. I got it
> working as I needed with IE, but something is wrong with Netscape.
> For those with some patience here's the code:
> (between head tags)
> //
> function update(moldeid,frame) {
> var InternetExplorer = navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1;
> var movie = InternetExplorer ? window.main : window.document.main;
> movie.SetVariable('mould_id',moldeid);
> movie.GotoFrame(frame);
> }
> //
> This function works fine with IE, i can control the movie, i have the frame
> 12 (with javascript the first frame is 0), setting a variable in the movie
> that lets me know the link went ok.
> The php code that triggers the movie is:
> (I have data being feed from mysql) then I do:
> $mouldref.="<b><A
> HREF=\"javascript:update('".$row[0]."','11');\">".$row[6]."</A></b>\r"
> (Translated to html it is something like
> <A HREF="javascript:update('123123','11');>description</A>)
> This variable is introduced in a dinamic text field in Flash 5, works fine
> in IE, in Netscape, the link appears, it's clickable, but the action
> (gotoframe,setvariable) is not executed properly.
> All this has php+mysql in it, but the problem is not from there, I can
> assure that.
> In Netscape i'm not able to get that working. I may be missing some stupid
> thing, like some ' or something. I'm getting fed-up with this IE-Netscape
> differences, what may I be missing here? I'm the kind of those that read all
> the documentation, I spent a lot of time reading Netcenter javascript docs,
> but no go...

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  Re: FLASH: Controling movie from javascr, Sergio Santos

  FLASH: Controling movie from javascript:, Sergio Santos

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