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Subject: RE: FLASH: Re: Upgrade to Flash 5?
From: Dorian Nisinson
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 16:41:26 +0100

Absolutely worth it. The new capabilities are light-years ahead of Flash 4.
As to bugs, I'd be willing to bet that 90% of the people talking about bugs
just haven't made the transition yet to the F5 way of doing things. I've
been using Flash 5 for several months now and I haven't opened Flash 4
And do get the F5 player. How else will you see all the interesting new

my 2 cents


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Subject: FLASH: Re: Upgrade to Flash 5?


Is it worth it to upgrade from Flash 4 to 5? What's the verdict?
I've heard anecdotes of bugs on the new release, are they true?
And if so, is Flash 5 still a progress from the oldie?
Can I install it alongside Flash 4 on the same drive?

And is it now safe to download Flash Player 5? I've returned
from a trip where there's no net, so I hope these questions
are still worth answering. Please lead me out from under the rock.


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  RE: FLASH: Re: Upgrade to Flash 5?, Noli Manaig

  FLASH: Re: Upgrade to Flash 5?, Noli Manaig

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