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Subject: RE: FLASH: Multiple movies vs. One big movie?
From: Brack, Jeremy
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 20:17:55 +0100

if your users are on 56k modems, you may want to break out the website into
seperate smaller chunks. They will be able to get what they need faster,
rather than waiting like say 2 or 3 minutes for all 5 links to download at

If your users are on broadband (cable, T1, DSL), then making 1 large
download wont be a problem. These high bandwidth users wont get any delay
getting into any section of the site since it will be all loaded as one

Unless your making a CD-ROM based movie, it might be safer to break the site
up into smaller chunks. The small chunks will download very fast on
broadband, and perhaps acceptable on 56k connections.
This could save you design time by allowing more than 1 designer to work
simultaneously (each designer building 1 section of the site). Well if you
have Flash 5, then that wouldnt be a problem I guess since F5 supports some
networking/template sharing abilities.

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Subject: FLASH: Multiple movies vs. One big movie?

Hello all,
I have a project that I'm designing which will have 5 main links once it
gets past the introduction screen. I believe that it would be best to
create a separate movie for each link, and use the "Load Movie" command to
load the movie for that particular link at the time the user clicks on it.
Yet, my favorite Flash sites have everything download in a big chunk......is
there an advantage to that? The structure would be an introduction which
would take approximately 20 seconds long, and then it would go into the
navigation screen where the 5 main links are at. If I chose to let users
download all of them at once, I would have to be careful about allowing them
to choose the link to the last downloaded portion in the navigation screen.
However, if I used separate movies, the biggest one being approximately 150k
in size, then I could just allow them to download the movies as they need
them. Development time is an issue in this as well.
So now that I've given you my situation.... I'm asking opinions on how
you would tackle this project. Multiple Movies downloaded separately? Or
One Big Chunk with a pre-loading element involved?

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


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