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Subject: Re: FLASH: AS:
From: Kurt Dommermuth
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 21:50:57 +0100

> >> I've tried this, and it loads the movie but not the label I require. I'm
> >> sure I'm missing something very simple, and would be very grateful if
> >> someone could point me in the right direction.
> >>
> >> On (Release)
> >> Set Variable: "/:gohere" = "corp_lit"
> >> Begin Tell Target ("/")
> >> Get URL ("components.swf") <!--movie I want to load-->
> >> Go to and Stop ("corp_lit") <!--label name-->
> >> End Tell Target
> >> End On
> >>
> >> Thanks in advance everyone!

Me again Mark,

I'm afraid I'm not the best at trying to be clear in explaining these
things. There are a number of people on this list who are so much better,
but since I'm avoiding work right now as best as I can I want to try and
help anyway!

I think we've got a misunderstanding between us that I want to try an clear up.

When I said that you can't load a movie and then control it from the same
frame, I meant that what you had to do was Script the command to load the
movie in one frame but to control it you had to use another frame. In
other words you have to give it a chance to load before you can tell it to
do anything. (I could be wrong on this, but it has been my experience)

So in frame (1) you load the movie:

On (Release)
loadMovieNum ("components.swf", 1); <!--movie I want to load-->
End On

But rather than telling the movie to do something in the same frame that
you are loading it from, put the "goto" action in the following frame:

tellTarget ("_level1") {
gotoAndPlay ("corp_lit");

If doing this in two frames won't work for your particular situation there
are definitely alternate ways of handling this.

One might be to load the movie and set what I would refer to as an "yes/no"
"on/off" variable. LIke so:

On (Release)
loadMovieNum ("components.swf", 1); <!--movie I want to load-->
Set Variable: goto_frame_blah = "1"; <!--this is a message to
End On

and then within the movie you are loading (components.swf) put an "If"
statement in one of the beginning frames that
checks to see what it should do:

if (_level0/:goto_frame_blah = 1) {
gotoAndPlay ("goto_frame_blah");

though I hope this helps, I fear I'm only making it more confusing. My
apologies if this is the case, because it is really pretty straightforward
and you will certainly pick this up in no time. Perhaps even before you
get this email!

Good Luck!

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