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Subject: Re: UKNM: Whats next after Freeserve?
From: Lee Rickler
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 18:24:37 GMT

>Perhaps we'll see a multi-tiered access system. For example, online
>shopping sites are free to connect to and the cost is picked up by the
>merchandiser; personal home pages and research sites may also be free;
>access to content-rich sites such as CNN may then come at a nominal charge
>for the information. It seems to me that we're still at the stage where, in
>effect, people are being charged to walk down a street because they're not
>spending money elsewhere in that street for its upkeep. Also, once the
>larger brands start to recognise what an important addition to customer
>service free Net access is (they can sell through the channel, communicate
>with their customers, etc.) many may decide it's worth their while - for
>valued customers, at least - to pick up the tab.
>But, as Ray Taylor said, cable access (ADSL especially) will change all
>that, though a "data-levy" system seems to be an increasingly discussed

You're kind of right Paul.
Without bragging, I actually forecasted this prediction some years ago
when no-one was listening.

The net will be a multi-tiered system.
Briefly put, and in no particular order, I proposed:

1, e-commerce sites whacking along at todays speeds. Free to access but
subscription based because they will be in everyday use and part of
normal life.

2, Personals on freeISP/ university accounts. Free to access but like
using a BT 9.600 modem on a 386 in todays standards. Loads of shovelware
thrown in, totally bloated, totally abused. This is the place to be for
beastyality, warez, facism, racism, terorism ...... you get the picture!!

3, Infonets - CNN, ITN, news and sport channels. Driven along on T1, or
next years' equivalent, technology. Subscription based. Clean, crisp and
to the point.

4, Wide Area Intranets - Company/ employees only networks cruising along
on the company 5xT3 lines. Free but not for general usage. Users will be
able to check their share prices, post messages to other employees, ftp
files that they have been teleworking on etc ....

5, Sex/ Perversion sites accepted as the norm. Subscription based and on
the highest quality lines, equipment and quality. Still the driving force
behind net technology. These will be the best of breed, cleaned up and
watered down. A bit like the difference between Playboy and some brown
paper wrapped, Made in Bangkok, smugglers dream.

Public access will be bought and sold on a speed basis with the cheapest
possibly being at todays speeds.

Community based services like AOL, Compuserve will thrive, but not in
their present state, as we all close ourselves into a small networks not
trusting anyone anymore after the big 'net fraud case, (that's about to

We'll all come out unscathed with only a small amount of ISP's, and a few
e-mails from changing addresses too many times, lost in the uproar.

Agree or disagree ... I don't relly care. It's what I think. I've
had my say. That's what the net was originally all about.



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