2008 Online Advertising Handbook + Benchmarks

  • Fact-based data for online advertising strategy, tactics, and general know-how
  • 577 advertisers and marketers surveyed
  • Filled with common sense design and scientific targeting
  • 30 Images/Creative Samples
  • 116 Tables and Charts

  • Generate Real Value From Online Ads, Ranging From Behavioral to Contextual to Rich Media to Video

    Online advertising can work, if done correctly, and as publisher technology improves, and real-time optimization removes failures from the network before they can do too much damage, it will eventually become hard to do badly. But that’s not the case today.

    This handbook + benchmarks will:

    • Help you better understand online advertising and its relationship to the broader marketing picture.
    • Help you grasp the mechanics of effective networked digital marketing.
    • Give you a practical guide to planning, designing, executing, and measuring an online ad campaign that works.
    • Tell you why sandwiching highly influential forms of advertising with extremely efficient delivery vehicles can give you really interesting results.
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    In the Online Advertising Handbook + Benchmarks you’ll:

    • Gain insight into what Google’s acquisition of Doubleclick and Microsoft’s acquisition of AQuantive could mean to online advertising.
    • Determine if online advertising is right for your brand right now.

    Help with Your Planning and Analytics

    Mixing practical information with statistical data, Online Advertising covers:

    • Budgets — How much is enough, what’s the industry spending, what’s the media mix and how to determine optimum campaign length
    • Outsourcing — Matching the right company to your needs.
    • Effectiveness vs. Analytics — Matching the right metrics to the tactics and strategy used, how to determine a test budget and measure test campaign results, and the value of pre-testing, market/ad research & online advertising.
    • Reverse engineering the perfect ad – Matching tactics to strategy.
    • Design best practices — for effective online branding, direct response ads & benchmarks.
    • The importance of hybrid strategies.
    • Ad design basics.
    • Multimedia Ads — Video, audio, games, social network presence/avatar/community.
    • Targeting strategy & tactics — Media waste and the importance of efficiency, reach & frequency, response-based delivery, local vs. national, business vs. consumer, cookies, contextual and behavioral.
    • Buying tactics & options — Defining currency, effect of Web 2.0 tech on currency, person to person, ad-server RFP, ad–networks, inventory auctions
    • Methods of delivery — Hard–coded placements vs. Ad–served placements, publisher ad–serving vs. advertiser ad–serving, viral distribution
    • Methods of Optimization

    Special Reports

    The Online Advertising Handbook and Benchmarks features 4 special reports.

    • EyeWonder Special Report: How to Match Rich Media Design Tactics to Strategic Goals
    • Insight Express Special Report: Research-based Design Tips
    • Eyetools Special Report — Eyetracking reveals common design misakes
    • Special Report — ManiaTV