Web Analytics Buyer's Guide 2007



Author: Linus Gregoriadis and Richard Maven, E-consultancy
Pages: 223 pages
Structure: Market trends and issues, 20 vendor profiles

About this Guide

This buyer's guide is aimed at companies who are investigating the market for web analytics providers, with profiles of 20 leading UK suppliers.

The guide also provides detail on the issues and trends affecting this sector, as well as guidance about how to select the right technology.


Like all our buyer's guides, the report starts with a look at trends in the marketplace, as well as our analyst forecasts for the size and growth of the web analytics market in 2007.

Trends in web analytics include:

- Web analytics takes more central role in business decision-making as marketers get better at extracting useful and actionable information.
- Google Analytics continues to drive awareness as SMEs and blue chips reap benefits of free tool.
- A lack of education and resourcing continues to hold back sector even though people matter even more than technology.
- Changing metrics create challenges for industry as marketers seek to measure 'events' rather than page impressions.

The 20 suppliers profiled are:

ClickTracks, Coremetrics, DC Storm, eVisit Analyst, Google Analytics, IndexTools, Lynchpin Analytics, Marketwave, Nedstat, The Nielsen Company, Omniture, RedEye, Site Intelligence, Speed-Trap, Unica, Visual Sciences, WebAbacus, WebtraffIQ, WebTrends and WiredMinds.

Who Is This Guide For?

It is primarily aimed at organisations who are looking for a web analytics system or reviewing their existing capability. It is also relevant for others, including vendors and analysts, who want to research this market.