Oxford Geek Night no. 8

Oxford Geek Night is a way for local web developers, designers, programmers, neophiles or geeks of any other stripe to get together, chat, drink and listen to talks on new technologies and innovations.

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Date: 27 August 2008
Location: Jericho Tavern, UK

Blog Camp Switzerland 3.0

BlogCampSwitzerland 3.0 is a European conference focusing on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. It's built upon the principles of the famous BarCamp ("ad-hoc unconference").

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Date: 29 August 2008
Location: Techno Park, CH

London Bloggers Spring Meetup

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Date: 29 April 2008
Location: Coach and Horses, UK

Media Camp London

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Date: 21 June 2008
Location: SAE Institute, UK

Max Gogarty and the insincere blog?

Late last week, a 19 year old guy started to write his blog, the subject was on his travels to India and Thailand and as he says is will be a report on ‘partying’ and ‘finding himself’…

Normally a blog like this would have been dismissed but this blog was special as it was on the Guardian newspaper website and the man in question is Max Gogarty.

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How your brand can benefit from monitoring and connecting online

Paying attention to your brand can be easy and invaluable. Many larger brands employ tools or services to monitor offline mentions and communications, but how many are connecting this fully online?

At the most basic level, monitoring references to your product, brand or service can be achieved simply through Google Alerts. There are more advanced solutions that can track the importance of the content, the importance of the poster and the potential influence of a post, but we'll leave that for a later post.

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Blogging & Social Networking for PR

Place social networking and blogging on a platform of their own...

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Date: 30 January 2008
Location: UK