The Winning Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference

Join 19 leading finance brands including Barclays, HSBC, AXA Wealth, and Endsleigh Insurance and discover how to boost digital performance with engaging content and integrated cross-channel marketing strategies to optimise the digital customer journey in financial services.

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Date: 3 March 2015
Location: One America Square, UK

Innovations and trends in communications, brand and fundraising conference

Communications, brand and fundraising are continuously changing and dynamic disciplines. This thought-leadership conference provides crucial insights, fresh perspectives and information on the latest trends and innovations in these areas.

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Date: 30 January 2013
Location: London, UK

SMWLDN in Rewind: Personalisation Using Social Data in a World of Noise

smwldn chalk

Global Dawn's event, Personalisation Using Social Data in a World of Noise, took place at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine on Wednesday 26th.

The event explored why personalisation has become so fundamental to business, and why is “social data” the key to unlocking the promise of one-2-one marketing? It also looked at exactly how to harness social data, pin-pointing exactly what data is important in a haystack of social noise.

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The Interactive Brand Ecosystem Revisited


Nate Elliott at Forrester published an interesting post last year about the Interactive Brand Ecosystem. Essentially he is asking whether it is time that we abandoned a TV-centric planning model and worked instead on the premise that the website sits at the heart of the marketing process.

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Facebook EdgeRank: Simplified


Last week I attended the Chinwag and Our Social Times conference on Facebook Marketing which was excellent. The topic I found most interesting was Facebook’s EdgeRank, but when asked how many of us know about the algorithm, I was surprised by the lack of hands that showed.

It’s actually quite a simple concept and one all Facebook Marketeers should be aware of. The following Q&A explains all you really need to know about Facebook’s EdgeRank and how to manipulate it to boost your Facebook marketing activity.

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Horizon Digital Brand Jam @ Brunel

Brunel University hosting Brand Jam on behalf of Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute. One day event brings together brand owners, brand agencies, digital economy scientists, academics, designers to explore future issues concerneing brands and thier relationship with the digital economy

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Date: 30 May 2012
Location: Brunel University, UK

#NewTwitter Rolls Out Worldwide

Twitter Brand Page: Pepsi Co

The #NewTwitter is rolling out worldwide. Whether you have the new interface yet or not, it might be worth knowing what’s new, and what it’ll mean for you, your brand or your business.

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Music 4.5: Brand discovery...

Music 4.5: Brand discovery... A showcase and discussion - in collaboration with

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Date: 28 September 2011
Location: Central London location TBA, UK

Fail to Plan Your Social Campaign - Plan to Fail!

FAIL (possible EPIC FAIL) by Rob Boudon

A key mistake made by brands when they first enter the social sphere is to forget that they’ll need a way to measure the tangible success of their efforts. Effectively brands leave themselves unable to measure the ROI of their social activity and as a result it can very easily become a wasted effort.

When you first engage through sites such as Facebook or Twitter it’s very easy to be fooled into thinking that a million online followers is an end to itself, but if you haven’t at the very least considered a future strategy for turning your new online friends (followers and fans) into *real* customers, it’s highly unlikely to happen on its own.

Just as with any other marketing campaign, clear objectives should be set right from the start that can be clearly measured and analysed in order to tell you exactly how successful your activities have been.

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Monitoring Social Media 2011 - Toronto

Topics covered include: sentiment detection, influencer analysis, how to measure social media ROI, data access and quality, small business monitoring and reputation management for brands.

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Date: 29 March 2011
Location: Toronto, CA

Social PR 2011 - London

The conference will include presentations, panel discussions, Q&A sessions and "fireside chats" with some of the world’s leading social PR experts.

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Date: 28 February 2011
Location: Cavendish Conference Centre, UK

Communicating Sustainability 2010

Communicating Sustainability 2010 - Features Green and Digital thought leaders and is a must attend for all marketers

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Date: 7 June 2010
Location: Cavendish Conference Centre, UK