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Market Research Summit 2013

Join and engage fellow peers and colleagues at the industry's conference of the year dedicated exclusively for professionals in the marketing and market research sector.

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Date: 5 November 2013
Location: Vinopolis, UK


#KittenCamp is a meme-meet-up for web-loving ad industry folk and publishers to chat memes, drink (FREE) beer and share some kitten love.

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Date: 11 February 2013
Location: Barrio Central, UK

What the f8 Facebook Conference Announcements Mean for Brand Advertisers

Brand by Rupert Ganzer

The impact of Facebook's announcements at f8 are still being digested, Mat Morrison, Head of Social Media at Starcom MediaVest and a speaker at Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing this week, takes a look at what these changes mean for brand adverisers.

Despite reaching half a billion Daily Active Users (DAU), Facebook's real value lies not simply in its reach, but in the depth of the data that it holds about that audience.

Much has been written about Facebook being driven by competition from other social networks, but it should be remembered that the real competition is not for users' time and attention, but for advertisers' budgets.

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