The Engaging Kids & Marketing To Parents Conference

Join 19 iconic brands including; Hobbycraft, 02/Telefónica Europe, Arsenal Football Club, Nickelodeon, Marwell Zoo, NSPCC and Penguin Random House Children’s as they share advice on harnessing the latest insights, channels and strategies to win parents and engage kids for exciting, stand-out marketing.

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Date: 18 May 2016
Location: Museum of London Docklands, Central London, UK

The Winning Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference

Join 22 finance brands including; AXA Insurance, Tesco Bank, Metro Bank, Allianz Global Investors, Standard Life and Jupiter Asset Management as they share best-practice advice, new trends, innovations and opportunities to boost performance and transform financial services marketing in the digital age.

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Date: 8 March 2016
Location: One America Square, UK

The Digital Pharma Advances Conference – Digital Strategies Delivering Real Results

Join 20 iconic pharma brands including GSK, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Bayer HealthCare, and Novartis as they reveal strategies to powerfully target and engage healthcare professionals, patients and stakeholders whilst embedding integrated and innovative digital strategies for engaging, customer-centric, multi-channel digital pharma marketing strategies.

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Date: 27 January 2015
Location: One America Square, UK

You Have 8 Seconds to Get My Attention, Go!

attention seeking by Jonny Hughes -

The average attention span is now just 8 seconds.

A study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine shows the average attention span is down from 12 seconds 10 years ago to just eight seconds today.

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The Beauty Trends & Innovations Conference – From Insight To Engagement.

Join 20 speakers – including Dermalogica Skincare, Marks & Spencer, Lee Stafford, Philip Kingsley & Topshop– as they reveal the latest trends and innovations in the beauty industry.

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Date: 23 September 2014
Location: Hotel Russell, UK

Blognix: Blogging Conference

Blognix 2014 is a blogging conference that prides itself on having an approachable vibe. We want bloggers from all over the UK to come to Birmingham to celebrate all that is positive about blogging, learn new skills that will equip them to take their blog further, and forge new connections with others.

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Date: 14 June 2014
Location: Custard Factory, UK

Making Your Brand A Digital Success

Remember that dancing pony? Of course you do.

It demonstrated that mobile network Three understand that ‘silly stuff’ is important to its users; and more importantly, that they want to be involved in the campaign itself.

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Ads Aren't Fads as Sharing Surges Fifty-Fold


Social video advertising has exploded. It’s up 5000% since 2006, according to Unruly Media’s
Viral Spiral, charting the three most shared campaigns over the last seven years.
During 2006, the biggest ad of the year was Dove Evolution, which achieved 60,954 shares compared to 4.24m for the company’s Real Beauty Sketches in 2013 
Sharing of the top three branded videos has grown from 1.6m in 2010 to 11.6m in 2013
40% of the top 20 ads of all-time were released in 2013
The most shared ad of all time is still Volkswagen’s 2011 The Force with TNT Benelux’s 2012 Dramatic Surprise  in second, just ahead of Real Beauty Sketches

Sarah Wood, co-founder of Unruly, “From a marketing perspective shares are more meaningful than views. A share is a genuine measure of deep engagement and a driver of significant earned media.
“What we choose to share is a barometer of how we’re feeling, a barometer of what’s moving us to talk around the global water-cooler.”
 The full story, with infographic, is available here.

Photo (cc) Damien

Social video advertising has exploded. Boom!

It’s up 5000% since 2006, according to Unruly Media’s Viral Spiral, charting the three most shared campaigns over the last seven years.

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Get Involved in Chinwag's Careers Day @ Digital Shoreditch 2013


Chinwag has rejoined Digital Shoreditch to bring you the biggest and best Careers Day so far, taking place on Friday 24th May. 

The aim is to find and fill roles within the digital industry.  Here's a scoop: news of the location and a preview of the first companies who will be exhibiting.

Get your free ticket here.

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The UK's Top Youth Brands According to 18-24s

youth 100

A list of the top brands that 18-24s love has been revealed by The Beans Group. The results are the output of a month-long research project, The Youth 100. We asked young people to reveal their sentiment towards brands across industries ranging from technology, fashion and entertainment to retail, travel, finance and more.

Over 1,000 18-24s gave their views. We used an online survey to measure sentiment, and followed it up with focus groups.

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On Being the Pub not the Conversation Within...

pub chat

For fifteen years I’ve provided research, evidence and carefully chosen words to anyone who would listen to describe the benefits of allowing interpersonal communication within a brand-space. We used to call that "social network theory" or "social engine theory". Over time, the 'social media' industry grew up around our voices (not loud enough to dominate it but still we prattled away).

Today, my agency and team operate as a very tiny part of a £Billion business based on the very same ideas; that conversations are a form of marketing, that the customer can be an ambassador and that brand choices are part of expressible identity.

The questions I’m asked each day remain essentially the same, although the vocabulary has changed a little. Ten years ago a major sports brand asked me "What will I do if the public are critical of our product in a forum we put our brand on", today they ask "What are the costs and risks of page moderation".

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Individual is Better Than Exclusive: Why Luxury Brands Should Embrace Social Media

luxury brand

The terms “Luxury” and “Exclusivity” are often used, if not interchangeably, then at least with a high degree of overlap. Social networks, on the other hand, are all about openness and sharing. Shouldn’t luxury brands shun social marketing?

The experience of luxury brands like Tiffany & Co and Burberry suggest otherwise: social and mobile marketing have paid enormous dividends for both of those brands, so why the apparent contradiction?

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Me! Me! Me! The Battle for Attention: Brands, Publishers & Social Networks

This panel will explore the relationship between publishers, brands and social networks, with innovate case studies from Yorkshire Tea’s recent integrated campaign featuring their tea van, Little Urn, which’ll be making an appearance at the SMWLDN Hub throughout the day dishing out cups of tea.

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Date: 15 February 2012
Location: Design Council, UK

The Great Good Debate by 23red

Limited places are available by invitation only on 20 September 2011 at House of St Barnabas, Soho Square, London. If you are interested in finding out more then get in touch with Anna Stone at

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Date: 20 September 2011
Location: The House of St Barnabas,, UK

Hanging Up The Telephone?


As more and more companies effectively rip out their telephone lines to replace them with online channels, the accessibility and speed of the Internet seems to be heralded as a more effective way of businesses communicating with their customers.

But once the dial tones fades, will online customer service just shine a light on faults within in a brand?

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