All Street UnConference

The event aims to provide an alternative to the traditional one-way conferences through a more collaborative social framework where attendees can be the speakers.

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Date: 23 February 2013
Location: Innovation Warehouse, UK

Government 2020 Evening Event

The Futures Company and Oxford Economics debate the future role of government in public service delivery and regional development.

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Date: 1 December 2010
Location: The Futures Company, UK

Future City Debates - Bankers and Bonuses: What has the City ever done for London?

The Future City debates, part of the Mayor's Story of London festival, bring together leading forecasters, historians and practitioners, to look at the challenges that London faces and debate possible solutions.

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Date: 4 October 2010
Location: Conference Centre, British Library, UK

Digital industry confidence bottoms out

1443926963_5a8fdcb03f_m.jpgEach month, the slightly gloomy chore of publishing the Digital Pulse result hits the top of my to do list. Or more accurately, I finally get hassled to the point where I actually manage to get the results on the website.

Since we began compiling this data from a monthly user survey (why not take it now - for each completed survey a donation gets made to WWF) the trend has been a fall in confidence which seemed to accelerate with all the bad financial news.

Despite rosy predictions from the blogosphere and beyond of the digital sector's immunity from the economic traumas, the scale of recession looks like the whole economy is in for quite a kicking.

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Micromedia futures or the emperor’s new clothes?

Disposable, atomised media is all the rage and I’m as guilty as the next person of wallowing in it.

Web 2.0 and all its trimmings is no exception to this trend, in fact it glories in all things transient.* But what does it add up to? This question is an itch worth scratching, so sometimes we revisit particular events after their initial outing.

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Mobile and online publishing feeling the crunch

‘BANK CRASH PROFIT FEARS’ yelled the headline on the Evening Standard news-stand as I passed by the newsagents at lunchtime today.

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Digital Pulse for June 2008

Digital Pulse indices
Digital Pulse: 
Current Index: 
6 month Index: 
Employment Index: 
Move Jobs Index: 
Salary Index: 
Current Confidence Index: 
Future Confidence Index: 

June’s results showed an overall increase in market confidence from May, coming in at 123.0 (up 1.4%). While specific confidence in current market conditions continued to slide - as did faith in the economic environment in six months time - the overall index reflecting sentiment about conditions in the future increased, up to 126.1 (up 4.4% on

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Digital industries’ workforce withstand economic jitters

Ever wondered how people really feel about their careers and futures in the digital industries? Amid the buffeting winds of economic turbulence, are we blasé or nervous, excited or fearful? Now you can find out - and add your own sentiments to the big picture equation.

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Digital workforce upbeat as new media shrugs off economic insecurities

The UK’s digital media industries remain upbeat, with sustained confidence in employment opportunities and optimism about current market conditions, according to a new survey released today, 19th May 2008, by digital media community network Chinwag. (


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Digital Pulse Analysis March 2008



Digital Pulse is a confidence index for the digital industry. It is designed to find out how industry professionals are feeling, how they perceive the current business climate, salary conditions and their views on what it’ll be like in 6 months time.

Each month, Chinwag will poll its community, made up of practitioners working across the digital industries, to create a barometer of attitudes and confidence.

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