Engaging Youth conference

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 16th October 2018, Museum of London Docklands.

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Date: 16 October 2018
Location: Museum of London Docklands, UK

The Unlocking Programmatics Conference – Maximising Performance

In one compact day 19 programmatic innovators including; ASDA, O2, Tesco, HSBC, Papa John's, GSK, Skyscanner, Auto Trader, Cheapflights, Trainline and Pernod Ricard will present practical strategies to maximise performance, viewability, efficiency and reach for results-driven programmatic advertising.

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Date: 30 June 2016
Location: Museum of London Docklands, UK

The Engaging Kids & Marketing To Parents Conference

Join 19 iconic brands including; Hobbycraft, 02/Telefónica Europe, Arsenal Football Club, Nickelodeon, Marwell Zoo, NSPCC and Penguin Random House Children’s as they share advice on harnessing the latest insights, channels and strategies to win parents and engage kids for exciting, stand-out marketing.

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Date: 18 May 2016
Location: Museum of London Docklands, Central London, UK

The Engaging Digital Comms Conference – Charities, Not-For-Profit, Public Sector

28 innovative charities, public sector and low-budget organisations reveal how to create high-impact, engaging digital communications which are delivering impressive results.

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Date: 21 April 2016
Location: Museum of London Docklands, UK

Internal Communications Conference - Real Impact, Real Results

Short Description: Join 22 Brands – including Morrisons, Telefónica, The Body Shop, Virgin Media Business and Alliance Boots - at this one-day conference and find out how to drive engagement, unlock collaboration & exploit new technologies with innovative internal channel strategies to get your message out there.

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Date: 18 June 2014
Location: Museum of London Docklands, UK

Social CRM 2013 - London

SCRM13 is a compelling two-day conference and workshop that highlights the latest thinking and practice in social customer engagement. This year we’re exploring how brands are moving beyond mere engagement, towards sustaining genuine customer relationships.

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Date: 9 July 2013
Location: Cavendish Conference Centre, UK

60+ Social Tools You Can't Live Without...


Let's get to 100.

Is there one thing you can't live without? We want to know about it! No we don't mean chocolate, we mean social tools.

If you didn't know we are compiling a list of all the social tools the world and the web have to offer, we started it, people are adding to it and it is coming along beautifully.

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Slow or Smartphone? The Stats Behind Streaming


Despite huge growth in viewing video on mobile and tablets, many communications professionals are still slow on the uptake of streaming content to mobile as part of their communications plans.

At least that’s what we discovered at markettiers4dc with the results of our 2013 streaming survey. We found that 31% of respondents don’t expect to stream live video content via a mobile device this year. That’s in a market where smartphones now account for four in every five devices sold.

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The Crux of it: Exploring the Importance of Strategy in Content Marketing

Banned Books Display by covs97

Content marketing is fast becoming an integral part of the marketing mix, providing a dynamic channel from which brands, publishers and agencies can drive awareness and customer engagement to create a deeper relationship with consumers.

In fact, research from Outbrain reveals that more than 90% of respondents predict that content marketing will increase in importance for them over the next 12 months. The research, based on a survey of more than 1,300 digital marketing professionals examined the strategies, objectives, and challenges that marketers are currently facing.

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Benchmarking your Facebook Content Strategy

social bakers

OK, so let’s imagine that you or your client have a Facebook brand page with a healthy 50,000 likes. 

You’re posting an entertaining mix of links back to your site, photos and the occasional piece of video.

So the question is, what kind of interaction levels should you expect to be getting?

To get to an answer, I’m mashing together a couple of recent pieces of research.  The first, from an article by Robin Grant in Techcrunch looks at EdgeRank – which is the algorithm Facebook uses to work out which updates make it into your news feed. It’s pretty clear that distribution of content by brands has dropped by some 40% in just three months – and that the drop is fairly uniform across even the most popular Facebook pages. 

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Charity online engagement conference

We'll be talking strategy but also making it practical with inspiring case studies and how-to guides. You'll come away from this event full of new ideas.

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Date: 27 March 2013
Location: London, UK

In the race for more followers and fans, have brands forgotten about the importance of engagement?

With Dominic Burch, head of corp comms & social media at Asda @dom_AsdaPR

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Date: 13 July 2012
Location: Chartered Institute of Public Relations, UK

Facebook Marketing Conference: Facebook Keynote & Full Agenda Announced

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What better way to begin our Facebook Marketing Conference next week (Weds 18th July) than with Facebook themselves?!

After some essential tea & coffee and a short welcome, we'll kick things off with a keynote from Andy Pang, Measurement Solutions Group Lead from Facebook.

You'll then get to hear about BBC Worldwide, Cadbury Dairy Milk / Kraft Foods, Yorkshire Tea, Manchester City FC, TBG Digital, Beyond, Markettiers4DC, Edelman, GlobalWebIndex and more! The full programme is below...

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Facebook Geniuses: Macy's, Sephora, Lancôme and Michael Kors

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L2 and Buddy Media recently revealed the results of their second annual Facebook IQ Index®, with Macy's, Sephora, Lancôme, and Michael Kors ranked as "Geniuses".

The Index measures digital aptitude of 100 iconic luxury and prestige brands across Beauty, Fashion, Specialty Retail, and Watches & Jewellery on Facebook, the world's largest social media platform.

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Low-Cost Digital Engagement Conference - Fundraise, Campaign, Communicate

Low-Cost Digital Engagement Conference - Fundraise, Campaign, Communicate: Wisely Allocating Restricted Budgets To Optimise Digital Fundraising & Create Awareness & Buzz Online. A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 17th April 2012

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Date: 17 April 2012
Location: Royal National Hotel, UK