Web 2.0: what it is and why it matters

Attending this event will help you get up to speed on what is going on, learn what others are doing, and kick start your thinking about how your authority could take advantage of web 2.0 developments.  

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Date: 10 September 2008
Location: Natural History Museum, UK

London Geek Girl Dinner 3 Year Anniversary

Girl Geek Dinners have been going now for almost three years! (Officially that would be 3 years on the 16th August 2008) Google are great hosts with the perfect space, so we asked them if they would like to join us in our celebration! Lucky for us they said yes!!!

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Date: 28 August 2008
Location: Google, UK

Enterprise Communications Conference

IDC's Enterprise Communications Conference (previously IDC's Mobile Enterprise Conference) will examine the increasing importance of the enterprise communications strategy as an essential element of an organisation's wider ICT strategy.

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Date: 14 October 2008
Location: The Royal Hospital, IE

PyCon UK

National UK Python Programming conference with tutorials, talks and sprints. Covering web development, Python on Windows, IronPython , development tools, teasing etc. Speakers include Ted Leung and Jacob Kaplan Moss.    

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Date: 12 September 2008
Location: Birmingham Conservatoire, UK

UK Gov Teacamp

UKGOV TeaCamp is a gathering for people working in and around UK government who have a particular interest in UK government online.

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Date: 7 August 2008
Location: Cafe Zest (top floor of house of Fraser), UK

Ten deadly sins of the mobile web

Following on from the above post about last night’s Mobile Marketing shindig we’ve summarised the top design and content mistakes that companies make when they transfer their online site to the mobile web.

Worthy of bearing in mind, I’m sure you’ll agree:

1) Not environmentally specific

2) Ignoring limitations of mobile devices

3) Failing to exploit the possibilites of mobile devises - it takes calls, its a calendar, it contains gps – you can take advantage of all of these.

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Webgains Affiliate Golf Day

Tee off in Tudor style at the Webgains Golf Day on July 11th, 2008. A golf day with a difference and a suitable Tudor theme will be held at the majestic Hampton Court Palace to celebrate Webgains Fourth Anniversary.

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Date: 11 July 2008
Location: Hampton Court Place Golf Club, UK

Gone but not Forgotten - is Broadcasting Dead or Merely Taking a Break?

Who is the audience for the broadcaster - the consumer or the advertiser? Is the long tail a threat or an opportunity to broadcasting models? Where is the money in narrowcasting? All of these questions and more will be addressed at "Gone but not forgotten - is broadcasting dead?"

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Date: 17 July 2008
Location: BT Tower, UK

dConstruct 2008

dConstruct is an affordable, one-day conference aimed at those designing and building the latest generation of social web applications.

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Date: 3 September 2008
Location: Brighton Dome, UK

£5 App Meet

A meet-up for programmers, web developers and designers to discuss and showcase their "£5 apps" - lightweight software created by one or two people who take a simple idea and run with it.

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Date: 8 July 2008
Location: UK

BarCampBank London

If you are an innovator, a disruptor or a professional of the banking and finance industry, if you are excited by or just curious about all the innovations that new technologies bring to the banking and finance world, if you want to present a project, confront your ideas then you should consider joining us at BarCampBankLondon.

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Date: 5 July 2008
Location: Sun Microsystems, Regis House, UK

London Girl Geek Dinner with iT4 Communications

Hosted by iT4Communities with wine, snacks and refreshments provided. Food & Drink: Light snacks and nibbles & wine Subject for the evening: IT law, accessibility, and IT volunteering

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Date: 25 June 2008
Location: The Information Technologist's Hall, UK

HCI 2008, Culture, Creativity, Interaction

HCI researchers, students and practitioners are invited to HCI 2008 to be hosted by Liverpool John Moores University, UK, next September (1st - 5th). Submissions are now open for the remaining categories . HCI 2008 is the 22nd running of the British HCI conference; one of Europe's largest and longest running HCI conferences.

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Date: 1 September 2008
Location: Holiday Inn, Liverpool City Centre, UK