SMWLDN Global Keynote 'Freedom of Tweet: Censorship, Governments, Marketers and The Law'

Did you happen to catch the Social Media Week London 2012 Global Keynote event? You can now watch it here!

'Freedom of Tweet: Censorship, Governments, Marketers and The Law' features Kathryn Corrick conducting a live interview, discussion and Q&A session with Mark Stephens CBE, one of the UK's leading legal minds, a veteran of Wikileaks & Hackgate, reknowned for his take on global freedom of speech and censorship.

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Copyright in the Digital Age: Will the Government Implement the Hargreaves Recommendations?

Coadec is hosting an event next Thursday evening, 23rd June, on the Hargreaves IP report and the prospects for the government implementing its recommendations.

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Date: 23 June 2011
Location: TechHub, UK

Digital Mission to Washington DC: 10 Reasons Your Company Should Apply

Not long now until a group of digital government and social innovation geeks pack their bags and head over to the US with FutureGov and the Digital Mission gang to learn how things are done on the other side of the pond – and hopefully show them a thing or two as well with the best of UK digital innovation. 

But before all of that, I thought I’d fill you in on a good few reasons why we thought a Digital Mission to DC would be such a good idea…

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Register Your Interest: Digital Mission to Washington DC, July 2011

We’re gathering interest for a digital government and social innovation-focused trade mission to Washington for UK-based digital companies in July. Interested? Read on...

The last few years have seen a dramatic adoption of social media and digital technologies in government, NGOs and campaigning organisations. There’s a highly active community here in the UK, and an equally vibrant counterpart in the United States, centered around Washington DC.

What started as a conversation with our friends at digital government consultancy FutureGov, community builder BrightLemon and digital media consultant Kathryn Corrick, has come together to form concrete plans for a Digital Mission to Washington DC, scheduled the week 11th July 2011.

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eXtreme Tuesday Club: XTC and the Government

The UK Government recently decreed that all projects should be platform or Agile. This evening will be an opportunity for the LACies to work out how we could work together to make the most of this opportunity.

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Date: 21 April 2011
Location: The Skills Matter eXchange, UK

Britain's Great Firewall, Block List Built In Secret?

Brick Wall by TheArtGuy

The government's plan for ISPs to voluntarily implement a national firewall for the UK are still very much on the agenda according to a open letter from Ed Vaizey, UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries to the Open Rights Group (ORG).

An interesting move in a country that prides itself on freedom of speech, hyper-injunctions notwithstanding. Naturally enough, there are plenty of advocates making a well-argued case for why this won't work and campaigns to get MPs to stop website blocking.

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Public Sector Social Media Innovation Huddle hosted by Dell & Viadeo

How is the public sector transforming communication using social media with a broad range of audiences and what's next? This half-day unconference brings together Transport for London, The COI, Shirley Ayres Consulting, Dell, Department of Health, Reputation Online / New Media Age, Redcatco, Viadeo and you can join in, too.

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Date: 8 February 2011
Location: EHS 4D Group, UK

Government 2020 Evening Event

The Futures Company and Oxford Economics debate the future role of government in public service delivery and regional development.

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Date: 1 December 2010
Location: The Futures Company, UK

Open Government Data Camp 2010

Open Government Data Camp 2010 will bring together open government data experts from around the world -- including government representatives, policymakers, lawyers, technologists, academics, advocates, citizens, journalists and reusers.

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Date: 18 November 2010
Location: University of London Union, UK

CityCamp London

CityCamp LDN will bring together London’s leaders from all levels of government, business, academia and community organisations to reimagine the way in which technology and the web will shape the future of London.

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Date: 8 October 2010
Location: RSA and one other venue TBC, UK


A short seminar on 2 July from 0930 to 1230 aimed at developers and others that are using the released COINS data to generate systems or other on-line capabilities to allow the public to access the released data.

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Date: 2 July 2010
Location: The Treasury, UK

Industry and Parliament Trust

Your business could face the “Dangerous Computers Act” if it does not engage effectively with Parliament.

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Date: 3 March 2010
Location: CPA, Westminster Hall, UK

CES Government London 2010

CES Government is the premier US government technology conference, held each year in Las Vegas as part of International CES. For the first time, CES Government will also be hosting a parallel session in London, video-linked back to the main conference in Las Vegas.

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Date: 7 January 2009
Location: City Hall, UK

2009 c&binet Forum Event

The first annual c&binet forum is taking place on 26-28 October 2009 at The Grove in Hertfordshire.

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Date: 26 October 2009
Location: The Grove, UK

Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase

Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase is a one-day event that previews the larger Gov 2.0 Expo scheduled for May 2010. The practical, cutting-edge efforts it highlights, married with a profound shift in thinking across the government, are helping to build what Tim O'Reilly has called "government as a platform."

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Date: 8 September 2009
Location: Walter E Washington Convention Center, US