marketing automation

Marketing Automation Live

Live Data Demonstrations. Live Strategy Implementations. See the power of marketing automation in action at Marketing Automation Live!

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Date: 3 June 2014
Location: The Goldsmiths' Centre, UK

B2B Marketing Fast Forward online summit

This free online summit will show attendees how to fast-forward their marketing to meet the technical demands of the 21st century. This all-day summit covers all aspects of marketing, from emails to the birth of the 'marketing technologist'.

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Date: 20 March 2013
Location:, UK

WEBCAST - Eloqua on Eloqua: Multi-channel campaigns that last and last (and drive pipeline)

Discover how integrating content, lead scoring and marketing automation can really boost your marketing and your pipeline with this Eloqua webcast.

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Date: 13 September 2012
Location: Online, UK

WEBCAST - Automated lead nurturing: This time it’s personal!

This Silverpop webcast will show you how dynamically-generated emails and content can help drive business forward while freeing up your time and budget.

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Date: 28 June 2012
Location: Online, UK

Email Marketing Breakfast Briefing - Agent ROI

Agent R.O.I. has toured the USA and now arrives in Europe - first stop London! Join us for breakfast at the Tower of London and learn how to make email marketing the crown jewel in your marketing mix!

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Date: 6 March 2012
Location: Tower of London, UK

Webcast: Digital body language - Deciphering you prospects' online behaviour

Learning how to track a prospect's online behaviour can lead to a big increase in the number of marketing qualified leads you can deliver to your sales team. Find out how with this Eloqua webcast.

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Date: 14 March 2012
Location: Online, UK

Webcast: How to streamline marketing processes to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

Automating the process behind your campaigns is often as critical as the final campaign execution in terms of getting the best business results. Aprimo will talk you through what tools you need.

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Date: 1 March 2012
Location: Online, UK

Webcast: Improving marketing effectiveness with marketing automation

Find out how Basware increased their database by 115% through marketing automation with CRM Technologies and Eloqua.

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Date: 23 February 2012
Location: Online, UK

Webcast: Colt's road to revenue performance management

How to manage your demand generation activities and your sales pipeline with Revenue Performance Management with Eloqua.

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Date: 17 November 2011
Location: Online, UK

Webcast: How marketing automation is transforming B2B marketing

Learn how marketers nurture, score and deliver greater number of qualified leads with this webcast from Marketo.

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Date: 19 October 2011
Location: Online, UK

B2B Marketing's 2nd Annual Conference 'A brave new world: Digital marketing in the 21st century'

An intensive one-day conference that explores the digital age exploring which channels to adopt into your strategy? How can you pull out the best marketing tools from the ones which may be a passing fad? And how can you integrate them into your existing plans so you can continue to drive leads and grow sales?

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Date: 11 November 2010
Location: Dexter House, UK

Workshop: Measurability & ROI - Reporting and building on the effectiveness of digital marketing

Justify your marketing spend and gain an indepth understanding on the latest techniques to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

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Date: 13 October 2010
Location: etc Venues, UK

Seminar: Demand generation - Don't let your online leads get off the hook

Learn how to effectively manage your company's demand for quality leads. And qualify, score, nurture and prepare them for conversion to sale.

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Date: 30 September 2010
Location: The Brewery, UK

Free Webinar: Understanding What Your Prospects & Customers Want? Learn how to engage with them on their terms!

This session will walk you through an example of behavioural targeting to deliver personalised, relevant and timely campaigns, delivering higher quality leads that convert to more sales.

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Date: 21 September 2010
Location: Online Webinar -, UK