Decoded Fashion London

Decoded Fashion London will be a defining moment for the future of the fashion industry - where tech and fashion don't just meet, they collide. The one day forum will see stellar keynote speeches from captains of industry as well as captivating panels tackling the problems facing every one of us.

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Date: 1 November 2012
Location: The Royal Society, UK

When It's Not Your Own...

FB Page

Successful brands who launch their Facebook Page through an agency will always expect to be guaranteed some 'ownership' of it. It's not uncommon for companies of a certain size to switch agency every few years, simply to embrace a fresh skill-set or on the whim of internal politics. I've been in that position myself and dutifully handed over usernames and passwords for the public entities I controlled to the hungry new whippersnappers.

As someone who acknowledges the value of being "behind the scenes", it would never cross my mind to withhold access to a vehicle I had been paid to build for someone else should they wish to take the wheel from me. Not just for reasons of commercial vanity but more so because you owe it to the users, fans and members of whatever you have created who should never be concerned with conflicts on an administration level.

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State of the Mobile Nation

The discussion will be a review of where we are and where we’re going in the mobile industry and what that might mean for your business.

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Date: 17 October 2012
Location: Mozilla HQ, UK

Google Tag Manager - What Does it Mean for Marketers?

Google Analytics image  

“Google Tag Manager is a free tool that consolidates your website tags with a single snippet of code and lets you manage everything from a web interface.”
Sounds good… but what exactly does this mean for marketers working in the digital space who are being ever more charged with refining and increasing ROI, adding value and making a tangible impact?

Well, as Google puts it in their oh-so-handy video, ‘Google Tag Manager puts you, the marketer, back in control of your digital marketing’. Using tags to help optimise marketing efforts and increase web traffic shouldn’t be neglected, and Google Tag Manager, promises to make this process easier and quicker. For those of us who don’t have code running through our veins, free tools such as this, that simplify the organisation and administration of digital information comes as a welcome solution.

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Social Media Masterclass with Warren Knight

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service are the three biggest reasons why companies must use social media. During this ½ day workshop you will understand how to make money using Social media and implement a strategy designed for your business.

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Date: 24 October 2012
Location: TBA (Central London), UK

Adobe Webinar: Managing and Measuring the Business Value of Social Media

New Adobe research (with eConsultancy) found 66% of digital marketers agreed ‘social media is integral to business.’ Join this Live Webinar to: - Hear about trends for managing & measuring the business value of social media - Understand how to integrate social into your overall marketing and media mix - Create business impact from social media

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Date: 25 September 2012
Location: Live online webinar, UK

Trend Briefing: The Co-Commerce Revolution

The briefing explores the forces rewriting the rules of commerce in the 21st century, across three new global-facing trend areas.

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Date: 10 October 2012
Location: Kings Place, 90 York Way, N1 9AG, UK

On The Edge Digital, Birmingham

On The Edge is brought to you with a guarantee that you will gain insight from world-renowned innovators on the future of marketing. A fantastic line-up of speakers covering all the hot topics in digital marketing: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Digital Branding, Mobile, Video, and Digital Content.

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Date: 30 October 2012
Location: Macdonald Burlington Hotel, UK

Marketing for Generation R


It's a tough place out there at the moment, and it's widely believed that this current generation of kids/youths/young adults (delete the inappropriate) will be the first in modern history to be poorer and worse off than its parents.

So after Generation Y - Welcome Generation R (RENT).

As a marketing agency, we've been involved in youth marketing for some time now, and for us the 'back-to-school' promotional period is always really busy, but we can tell the times are changing. With less uni applicants, conflicting stats saying youth unemployment is up or down, and more fear creeping in with raising costs, everyone is looking at this space with a wide open and somewhat puzzled eye.

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On The Edge Bristol

This one-day digital marketing conference &networking event will take place at the Paintworks, Bristol, with the focus on how you &your business integrate new-era marketing techniques for more engaged results. A fantastic line-up of speakers covering all the hot topics: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Digital Branding, Mobile, Video, & Digital Content.

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Date: 25 September 2012
Location: Paintworks Event Space, UK

eCommerce Expo 2012

eCommerce Expo is the UK's number 1 event for ecommerce, covering every aspect of selling online. Including every phase of the ecommerce cycle, eCommerce Expo covers Digital & Mobile Marketing, eCommerce & mCommerce, Payment & Security and Delivery & Fulfilment.

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Date: 2 October 2012
Location: Olympia 2, UK

The Duckies 2012 - UX Awards Party

The Duckies UX Awards Party - celebrating the best in up and coming design talent. We showcase the best design work of students across the UK, supplemented with Free Drinks and a BBQ! Also look out for the Magician and top DJ any much more to entertain you.

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Date: 18 August 2012
Location: Elstree House, UK

Facebook Marketing Conference 2012 - Check Out The Highlights


Last Wednesday Chinwag and Our Social Times held the long awaited Facebook Marketing Conference. The day was packed full with speakers, case studies, stats and quotes, our favourite still being from Tom from We Are Social, asking "are you a dipper or a smotherer" (in reference to Heinz ketchup that is).

The day was a huge success with over 120 people through the door, 22 speakers and a twitter hashtag that not only trended during the day but reached over 76,818 people (baring in mind we ended up with two hashtags being used #fbmk12 and #fbkm12)!

For those of you that could not attend the conference, we've done a recap of the event highlights with links to some of the presentations. It'll almost be as if you were there... just without the free chocolate (thanks again Cadburys Dairy Milk).

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Five Things We Learnt at Facebook Marketing Bootcamp (17th July)

FB Bootcamp

This Tuesday (17th July) we held our second Facebook Marketing Bootcamp at We Are What We Do in London. With Facebook trainer, Tania Jackson of Red Idea on hand, the day-long workshop aims to provide a hands-on and more personalised approach where attendees can learn what they can do to improve their techniques and strategies and how to do it.

We thought we'd share just a few things we learnt from Tuesday's Bootcamp.

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The B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

The B2B Marketing Leaders Forum is an event designed exclusively for top-tier business marketers, providing them with insight and inspiration to help them continue to adapt to the new digital landscape and maintain a leadership position for their organisation.

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Date: 20 September 2012
Location: The Bishopsgate Institute, UK