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Mobile UX London Conference

Conference for people passionate about Mobile & User Experience

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Date: 20 November 2015
Location: UCL BASE - Kings Cross, UK

Mobile & App Design Awards

The UK Mobile & App Design Awards celebrate creativity, courage and innovation in mobile achievements by both creators and commissioners, the awards provide a unique opportunity for all sectors of the industry to participate across an extensive range of categories and achieve marketplace recognition.

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Date: 8 April 2014
Location:, UK

Salesforce Elevate Workshop - Bristol

Salesforce is the leading cloud platform, uniquely optimized for building enterprise apps. Join us for a FREE one-day developer event designed to teach you how to build both enterprise cloud and cutting edge mobile applications.

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Date: 6 November 2013
Location: Watershed, UK

Featuring Adam Lehman - Brackets: An Open Source Code Editor For The Web

Brackets is a new open source project started by Adobe to push tooling on the web forward. Brackets is built in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This session will provide an overview of Brackets and demonstrate how to hack on the project so you can customize and extend it to meet your needs. You can build a better editor.

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Date: 26 July 2012
Location: Kaltura NYC HQ, US

The Spring Hackathon

A two-day hackathon in which developers compete and collaborate to build web and mobile apps for small high street businesses.

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Date: 28 April 2012
Location: Central Working, UK

The Winter Hackathon

The Winter Hackathon is a two-day festival of software coding devoted to the creation of mobile apps for the million plus visitors to the summer games in London in July/August 2012.

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Date: 28 January 2012
Location: Central Working, UK

Over the Air 2011

OTA11 is a grass-roots mobile developer event that features two days of technical workshops, inspirational Ignite Bletchley Park talks and an over-night hack-a-thon. It's free to attend, other than a small £5 donation to Bletchley Park, and a breeze to reach from London Euston Station - so no need to hesitate, register now!

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Date: 30 September 2011
Location: The Mansion, Bletchley Park, UK

Going Free Sees Time Out's Mobile App Downloads Jump 6,000%

Time Out Mobile App New York Travel Guide Screenshot

Woah there. Run that past me again? Yup, you read it right. Travel and listings publisher, Time Out, announced a staggering 6,000% increase in the number of downloads of their travel apps after going free.

"In June, Time Out has made the decision to make all travel apps free for the foreseeable future – a move which saw the average weekly download per app jump from 140 downloads a week to over 8000, a rise of a staggering 6000%"

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AppsWorld Europe

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Date: 29 November 2011
Location: Olympia, London, UK

AppsWorld North America

Apps, Mobile Apps, TV Apps, Mobile Applications, Workshops, Exhibition, Enterprise Apps, Mobile Event, Conference, New York, Developers, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, bada, palm, Mobile marketing, iPad, USA, New York, Telecommunications

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Date: 1 November 2011
Location: Javits Convention Center, New York, US

AppsWorld Middle East

Apps, Mobile Apps, TV Apps, Mobile Applications, Workshops, Exhibition, Enterprise Apps, Mobile Event, Conference, Dubai, Developers, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, bada, palm, Mobile marketing, iPad, Middle east

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Date: 14 September 2011
Location: The Dubai Convention and Exhibition Centre, AE

Ovi Could Provide Gateway to China for Mobile App Developers

untitled by Jaye Z

In the US and Europe, iPhone and Android handsets might be grabbing all the headlines, but in the notoriously tricky Chinese market, Nokia is king of the app stores.

In a recent post on Mobile Entertainment blog, they reported:

Local study gives Nokia a 65.2 per cent share. According to the IResearch, Ovi is trouncing the competition, and leading the mighty China Mobile app store, which is currently accessed by 57.7 per cent of China's mobile subscribers.

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London Mobile Payments Networking Evening

Few of us around ( 25 confirmed) is getting together on the 2nd August. If any wants to network over a beer then come along to the below address on the 2nd of August. We have also managed to confirm few speakers, all from different sectors, all highly involved in mobile payments and e-commerce, Entrance is free.

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Date: 2 August 2010
Location: Barley Mow, UK

MiniBar - Mobile Apps

This month MiniBar will focus on 'mobile apps'. While the iphone gets all the hype, we will ask what platforms one should develop on, what revenue models work best and how to market your app.

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Date: 26 March 2010
Location: Corbet Place, UK

Google Impresses with Nexus One Ecommerce Experience

Nexus One Flickr Google announced the launch of their Nexus One phone on Tuesday, garnering the expected amount of geek love.

But, arguably the real revelation comes from the ecommerce site built to sell the phone, the only place you're going to pick one up in the near future.

Heralded by Business Week as an ecommerce revelation, Google have combined a pared down purchasing process with simple animations which demo the phone using a 3D feel rendered on the 2D computer screen. A nice touch.

Complicated charges, long contracts, complex fees and bundles are being ushered out in favour of simply buying the device, then finding the service. Unusually, the first option available is an unlocked version of the phone, although operator deals are available in the US with t-mobile with more on the way, and a European roll-out schedule (through Vodafone) for Spring 2010.

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