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Britain's Great Firewall, Block List Built In Secret?

Brick Wall by TheArtGuy

The government's plan for ISPs to voluntarily implement a national firewall for the UK are still very much on the agenda according to a open letter from Ed Vaizey, UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries to the Open Rights Group (ORG).

An interesting move in a country that prides itself on freedom of speech, hyper-injunctions notwithstanding. Naturally enough, there are plenty of advocates making a well-argued case for why this won't work and campaigns to get MPs to stop website blocking.

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Stop Mandelson's Disconnection Plans

Peter Mandelson is convinced that disconnecting filesharers will help the music and film industries. He's plain wrong. This extreme option would trample on internet users' - and their families - freedom of expression, without earning a penny for musicians and film-makers.

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Date: 2 October 2009
Location: The Crypt on the Green, UK

Open Rights Group (ORG) Xmas Party 08

This year's Xmas party will be a huge big thank you to the UK digital rights community, who generously fund and drive our work along. At the end of 2008, ORG is bigger and better than ever and looking forward to much more campaigning and community building in 2009.

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Date: 20 December 2008
Location: The Enterprise, UK