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Chinwag Announces Facebook Marketing Conference & Bootcamp - 5th/6th Oct

FACEBOOK(LET) Frontside by GOIABA - Johannes Fuchs

We're very excited to announce the first Chinwag Insight conference and bootcampChinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing taking place in central London on 5th and 6th Oct, 2011. And for the Chinwag audience, book early and save £100 - on the early-bird rates, too.

Facebook has an audience of over 30m registered users in the UK and 700m worldwide and with a multitude of channels and techniques to target them, what's working, what's not. The conference will look at case studies from Dell, Channel 4 amongst others as well as hearing from Facebook themselves.

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MeasurementCamp III: This time it's frameworks

Now on it's third installment, I finally managed to escape the office for a couple of hours to attend Measurement Camp III. Sadly, I was concentrating too much to take much in the way of notes, but various people have promised to write up the information on the Measurement Camp wiki, under pain of Will getting grumpy ;-)

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Measurement Camp V

Regular, free meet-up of web developers; buzz monitoring folk; social media planners; smart PR people and more to solve the question: how do we measure social media?

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Date: 6 August 2008
Location: The Coach and Horses, UK