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6 Crucial Questions to Kickstart Your SME Social Media Strategy

Love hearts = social/ coffee = buzz by  Bev Goodwin 

Ed: When long-time Chinwag contributor, Jemima Gibbons, heard about the SME Growth Hack she kindly put together this blog post with 6 crucial questions to develop an SME's social media strategy. Excellent prep for the event. Got your ticket?

By definition, every company created in the last decade is a Digital Native. Or at least, it should be. If you’re a Millennial business, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be using digital and social technologies effectively throughout your operations. 

So - why aren’t you?

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2014 Social Media Strategy: Move over kids, the adults are here. On their mobiles.

How does this thing work? by onesecbeforethedub

Following our recent post on Facebook's healthy earnings, a twitter exchange led to Paul Fabretti's, Digital and Social Media Lead for Telefónica Europe, personal blog where he digs into more detail on mobile and the ageing of social media users.

There’s a lot of planning going on in the business at the moment – our social teams are preparing for 2014 activities and perhaps by default, that also means trying to look beyond 2014 at the kinds of strategic, structural and systems challenges that should be on our radar. 

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SMW REWIND: Why You Don’t Need a Social Media Strategy [VIDEO]

Chris Heffer on "Why You Don't Need a Social Media Strategy"

Ever wondered why social media never returns as much benefit as you would like? Want to figure out how to get more people to buy in to social? In this session, hosted at Facebook, Chris Heffer from SAP takes a look at social from a different perspective and gives some ideas how to make social more successful in your business.

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One-to-One Social Health Check Sessions hosted by Oracle

The Oracle one-to-one Social Surgery sessions will run from 12pm-1pm. They will give organisations the opportunity for one-to-one social media health checks with leading Oracle's team of social strategy experts.

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Date: 25 September 2012
Location: SMWLDN Advertising & Marketing Hub @ Facebook, UK

Making Social Work for your Business, hosted by Oracle

The explosion of social has been tremendous, as Facebook closes in on one billion consumers and Twitter approaches 200 million, not to mention emerging platforms like Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Join experts from Oracle, Maersk, MediaCom, We Are Social, Starcom, IPC and Luxury Hotels of the World and find out more...

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Date: 25 September 2012
Location: SMWLDN Advertising & Marketing Hub @ Facebook, UK

Chinwag Announces Facebook Marketing Conference & Bootcamp - 5th/6th Oct

FACEBOOK(LET) Frontside by GOIABA - Johannes Fuchs

We're very excited to announce the first Chinwag Insight conference and bootcampChinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing taking place in central London on 5th and 6th Oct, 2011. And for the Chinwag audience, book early and save £100 - on the early-bird rates, too.

Facebook has an audience of over 30m registered users in the UK and 700m worldwide and with a multitude of channels and techniques to target them, what's working, what's not. The conference will look at case studies from Dell, Channel 4 amongst others as well as hearing from Facebook themselves.

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Social Media for CEOs

Social Media for CEOs is a half-day strategic briefing for senior executives of large organisations. Hosted by a team of experienced social media experts, this unique event offers an end-to-end view of the benefits, and risks, of adopting social media across multiple departments within large organisations.

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Date: 20 September 2011
Location: The Dukes, UK

Social Media Marketing from Start to Finish

“Do you want to drive sales at your business by incorporating social media into your marketing strategy? This workshop helps participants understand how they can utilise the latest social media tools as part of their wider marketing strategy in a practical and insightful way.”

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Date: 6 July 2011
Location: Link Humans, UK

Marketing Movies Online Labs

Marketing Movies Online Labs will bring film companies face to face with digital marketing experts, through a series of practical master-classes, case studies & presentations, providing participants with the skills to develop an online marketing strategy in support of their own projects.

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Date: 11 March 2011
Location: London, UK

Digital Surrey: Identifying influencers as part of your social media strategy

Charlie Osmond, Director at FreshNetworks and CEO of FreshMinds will be joining us at November's Digital Surrey at the UCA in Farnham to talk about identifying influencers as part of your social media strategy.

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Date: 25 November 2010
Location: UCA, UK