Mobile Advertising Is Taking Over The UK (Infographic)

Recent data just published by the Advertising Association shows that mobile and tablet advertising is taking over the UK. Within the £6.3bn spent each year on UK internet advertising, £1bn belongs to mobile. 

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The End (of the Desktop) is Nigh: July 2014

Computer Graveyard by Moshe Reuveni

It's going to be the year of mobile. Really. This time it's really happening.

Mobile and tablets have been due to take over the world for the last decade, according to new research, it becomes a reality in July 2014.

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Pocket Gamer Connects - East meets West

Brand new for 2014 comes Pocket Gamer Connects, a global mobile games conference from Steel Media, the publisher behind Pocket Gamer and

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Date: 20 January 2014
Location: Vinopolis, UK

Internet Leaders Dinner: Living in a Mobile, Ever-Connected World with Shop Direct

Since Jonathan joined Shop Direct Group, online sales have grown to 75% of the company’s revenue. In the last year alone, traffic to the Group’s mobile sites has increased by 250% and 20% of all online transactions are now completed via mobile devices.

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Date: 6 March 2013
Location: Elysee Restaurant, UK

UX #Fail: Magazines are iPads That Don't Work [video]

A Magazine is an iPad That Doesn't Work

Still working in print? Attached to the product of dead trees splashed with ink and trucked around the country? The next (but one?) generation doesn't feel the same way.

Check out this video of a toddler experiencing full-on user-experience #fail with her magazines. Guaranteed to send a shiver down the spines of die-hard print lovers everywhere.

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In this emerging multi-screen world who controls who?

We face new issues now that TV, Mobile, Tablet, PC, notebook screens are in the home, car, elevator and plane: Who has our attention and for how long? What screen is prime and what is the slave? Are all screens just companions? Who wants control you and you experience? Should control be from your device or in the cloud?

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Date: 15 September 2011
Location: Innovation Warehouse, UK

Indian iPad Competitor Launches. Cost: £25

In my bag today by Mat Packer

Yes, you read that right. Nope, it's not a typo. £25 (actually, £23 on current rates). Rumoured features include colour, multi-touch 10.5" screen, 2Gb memory, Flash compatibility, Wifi, Ethernet connection, camera and an optional extra of a solar charger.

That means word processing, video conferencing, web browsing and yes, the ability to play Flash videos, games for less than the cost of the AppleCare warranty on an iPad (3 times less, if we're counting).

The Indian technology sector is developing a name for itself for throwing out the rule book when it comes to the cost of consumer technology. Witness the £1,900 Nano car from Tata and for roughly the same price, how's about open heart surgery.

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