Dark Patterns: User Interfaces Designed to Trick People

dark-clouds-over-downtown-manhattan by Dan DeLuca

Optimising a user's experience is an attempt to improve life for a site's visitors and in doing so, for the site owners in the process. But what happens when usability goes bad?

Harry Brignull's presentation examines the dark side of interfaces, looking at how we're tricked, duped and cajoled towards handing over credit card details, signing up for free products, that aren't really free.

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Open Plaques Open Day

Our first Open Day is a FREE one day event dedicated to improving the Open Plaques website so it's better equipped to take contributions from the public (photographs, plaques listings, biographical data, etc), and the data better enabled to be re-used by others. We're volunteer and community driven, so join us to take Open Plaques forward!

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Date: 25 September 2010
Location: Centre For Creative Collaboration, UK

UX Corner, London

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Date: 8 January 2009
Location: tbc, UK