UX design course for startups, app developers and web designers

A 3-hour weekend course on User Experience design run by professional UX Designer with 10+ years of working with Microsoft, Heathrow Airport, British Gas, Universal Music Group and variety of startups.

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Date: 29 October 2016
Location: Canada Water Library, UK

Designing pixel-perfect UI: course for startups, developers & designers

A 3-hour weekend course on User Interface design run by professional UX & UI Designer with 10+ years of working with Microsoft, Heathrow Airport, British Gas, Universal Music Group and variety of startups.

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Date: 22 October 2016
Location: Canada Water Library, UK

How To Start Career In UX Design

Learn from experienced professionals how to get into UX design, prepare your portfolio, learn where to find your perfect job and interview secrets and answer any of your questions.

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Date: 5 November 2016
Location: Canada Water Library, UK

Free UX design review for startups and small businesses

We want to help startups and small businesses to take design to the next level. During the event, we'll share our UX tips & tricks and offer free 1:1 design reviews of your app or website and suggest how to make it uber-awesome: from usability to visual design.

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Date: 1 June 2015
Location: The London Escalator, UK

Brian Sletten's REST and Resource-Oriented Architecture Bootcamp

Come join big-data aficionado Brian Sletten for his REST and Resource-Oriented Architecture bootcamp at Skills Matter

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Date: 2 June 2015
Location: The Skills Matter eXchange, UK

HTML5 and Beyond Course

Join Richard Clark for this 3-day HTML5 course

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Date: 16 March 2015
Location: Skills Matter Exchange, UK

Future Of Web Design FOWD 2013 New York

We're coming back to the Big Apple for yet another rousing week of talk about HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, touch screen design, UX, accessibility, and all the amazing work you can accomplish in the future. All of it set in the theatrical environment of a multiplex movie theater.

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Date: 7 October 2013
Location: AMC EMPIRE 25, US

Industry Web Design and Development Conference

Over 1 day, web industry professionals come together to listen to 8 speakers telling stories about their experiences, provide insights in to their work and suggest ways to make us better. Join us at the Turbine Hall on the 24th April 2013 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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Date: 24 April 2013
Location: The Turbine Hall, UK

Richard Clark's HTML5 Mobile Mastery Two-Day Workshop

Modern browsers already support a lot of the new HTML5 features, so it is time to start using it! In this HTML5 Mobile Mastery course, attendees will learn how to create HTML5 web pages and web applications using HTML5 markup, CSS3, and HTML5 JavaScript APIs.

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Date: 17 June 2013
Location: Skills Matter, UK

In The Brain of Christophe Coenraets: Modern Tools for Modern Web

In this session, Christophe will discuss the latest trends of the modern web, and introduce the Adobe Edge Tools: a unique set of tools and services that help designers and developers create content and applications that leverage modern web technologies.

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Date: 6 March 2013
Location: Skills Matter, UK

Workshop: Developing a Digital Strategy

The objective of this workshop is to help you develop a digital marketing strategy/roadmap for your business.

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Date: 26 February 2013
Location: Campus London, UK

Web effectiveness workshop

This practical workshop is designed for communications professionals wishing to assess and build on the effectiveness of their websites.

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Date: 12 December 2013
Location: London, UK

Gavin Bell's Creating Social Applications

If you are lead developer or product owner, perhaps the owner of a start up, then this Creating Social Applications course is for you! If the creation and life of the application lies in your hands, then this course will help you to build the best social application for your area!

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Date: 3 December 2012
Location: MWB Business Exchange, UK

Smart Online Marketing: Building a digital future

Marketing ReMix is a group of like minded professionals interested in all things digital and the impact it has on traditional marketing mix. We share, connect and inform each other on trends, tools and insights needed for a marketing ReMix.

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Date: 23 November 2012
Location: Google Campus London, UK

Web Celeb comes to Bath for CSS3 HTML5 Workshop

HTML5 / CSS3 Workshop in Bath On 12th November 2012 Burfield Creative, a web design agency based near Bath, is holding an interactive CSS3 & HTML5 workshop with internationally published author, speaker and trainer Estelle Weyl.

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Date: 12 November 2012
Location: The Royal Crescent Hotel, UK