Track and Yield: Get Wise and Analyse, says Decibel Research

Putting pieces together

Want a visually appealing, well structured, content rich website? Tick.

Want to analyse its performance? Not so much.

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Too Much Information! Marketeers Drowning In Analytics Data


Analytics is booming.

That’s $16.52bn booming, if you believe the predictions.

But as marketeers sign-up to more and more tools to track the behaviour of visitors to websites, they’re increasingly overwhelmed by the data coming back.

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"Learn to Code" ~ a one-day workshop

Learn to code and build websites and web apps. From scratch. In a single day. Even if you've never written or seen a line of code before.

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Date: 10 July 2013
Location: Lab for the Recently Possible, UK

Cookies: Do New Privacy Laws Take The Biscuit? The Lawyer's View

Pac Man Cookies

Last week, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) published guidance on changes to the laws on using cookies that will affect tens of thousands of business owners.

The new law applies to all EU websites and requires website owners to get a user's consent before cookies are saved onto a device. First,  bit of background...

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