Online Community Unconference: East

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Date: 11 February 2009
Location: Baruch College Conference Center, UK

mashup* - Realtime Social Web

During the last 12 months the 'realtime social web' has been growing in importance and value - services like Twitter have almost reached 'fever' point and are now starting to become adopted by the mainstream mass market. I still hear senior professionals saying "it's a fad" - whether it is or not - we think it is important to understand the value that is being created and why it matters to you in your role/business.

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Date: 29 January 2009
Location: The British Computer Society, UK

Seriously Social - How to Beat Google

If you would like to find out more about this pioneering social networking advertising join us at Seriously Social – How to Beat Google on the 29th January from 6.30pm at London swankiest new chalet The Hub at Kings Cross.

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Date: 29 January 2009
Location: The Hub, UK

IAB: Engage for Social Media

Social media has long been making its mark on the communications plans of UK marketers, as an engaging, innovative and highly interactive online discipline.

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Date: 26 February 2009
Location: CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point Tower, UK

Going Social

A one day course for business owners. This course explores strategies for using Social Media to extend and enhance your web presence and build your online reputation.

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Date: 22 January 2009
Location: Old Broadcasting House, UK

NMK: Social Media for Business

A one-day course designed to give delegates a thorough grounding in the latest web trends for talking about your brand, business or organisation, as well as your own professional profile. Social Media is the next generation of communications, going beyond the traditional media to personal communications with individuals, fostering genuine relationships, creating your own messages and creating value through sharing useful and interesting information.

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Date: 19 February 2009
Location: University of Westminster, UK

Real-Time Communications Conference and Roundtables

The world is changing fast. The economy, political landscape, and global events dynamically affect our businesses. Organizations don't have the luxury of reacting and responding over long periods of time. Consumers are empowered by embracing social media tools over the internet.

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Date: 14 January 2009
Location: The Graduate Center / CUNY, US

50+ lists of digital predictions for 2009

2843731730_bb6f325081_m.jpgIt started out with a quick gander of // more

Tara Hunt: The Whuffie Factor

Everyone knows about blogs and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. And they've heard about someone who has used them to grow a huge customer base. Everyone wants to be hands-on, grass roots and interactive. But what does this mean? And more to the point, how do you do it?

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Date: 22 June 2009
Location: RIBA, UK

Social Media in Business, 2009

Social Media is now in everyday public use as well as being an integral part of the marketing industry. The world of social media enables ALL your consumers, employees and parties with a vested interest to communicate to thousands within seconds, garner opinion and amplify the “noise” both positively and negatively.

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Date: 23 October 2009
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, UK

Social Networking Forum

Two day conference dedicated to social networking Co-located conference on - mobile social networking Featuring key speakers from global brands, organisations, social networking publishers and developers, pioneering social media leaders, top agencies, content producers plus many more. Joint exhibition combining social networking and mobile social networking formats Evening Networking Reception co-hosted with Mashable Co-hosted workshops from the Facebook Developers Garage Take advantage of our pre-show online meeting planner for all delegates Free to attend exhibition only pass available - Click here

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Date: 9 March 2009
Location: Olympia Conference Centre, UK

KMP Social Media Workshop

Over the last year there has been a rapid growth in the evolution and use of social media, including social networks like Facebook and MySpace, photo and video sharing sites like Flickr and YouTube, as well as other tools like blogging and bookmarking.  This development has enabled brands to create much broader and multi-dimensional Marketing campaigns that reach out to a wider audience, and are therefore more effective.

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Date: 29 January 2009
Location: MDDA, UK

Social Media Influence 2009

More than 200 executives attended last year’s Social Media Influence conference. In the past the conference has featured in press coverage including, BBC Radio 5 Live, Reuters TV, BBC Online, Radio 4’ Today Programme, BBC World News and The Guardian as well as in countless social media outlets.

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Date: 3 March 2009
Location: Cavendish Conference Centre, UK

AOP Forum: Developing Communities around Content

How do publishers and media owners benefit from the social networking explosion and tie that in with their existing content and communities? This forum aims to advise and showcase examples of new communities and skill sets which can enhance the content, conversation and commercialisation of your user base.

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Date: 11 December 2008
Location: Blue Fin Building, UK

Social media faces some tough questions

Philip Buxton - Digital Strategy Consultant This Tuesday, the Chinwag Live went 'on tour' to the E-commerce Expo at Olympia. In a packed session - sorry to those who didn't make it in - the debate ranged from metrics to the human side of social media. Philip Buxton chaired the panel and wrote up his thoughts on what transpired.

Chairing Chinwag Live’s Social Media ROI panel debate at E-commerce Expo last week was fascinating for a number of reasons – not least for the amount of people trying to pack themselves into a small space.

The debate featured some social media luminaries: Robin Grant from We Are Social; Stuart Bruce from Wolfstar; Helen Lawrence, social media planner at Dare; and Alex Burmaster at Nielsen Online. But the driver of the conversation (the influencer if you will) turned out to be Ankur Shah, founder of Techlightenment, who, as Robin described, was coming at things from a direct response-focused angle.

The great thing about Ankur’s input was that it dragged conversation about social media out of (again, as Robin put it) ‘fluffy’ objectives and into its value in terms of hard, lead-generation targets.

While we all see that connecting with customers ‘at their place’ – their social online networks – is a great thing to be doing, measuring the value of these kinds of things is nigh on impossible. iCrossing as it happens is doing the best job I’ve seen of seeking to ‘measure ‘engagement’ and thus place a benchmark on the ‘success’ that investment in social media is having. But, as we enter recession, there’s no doubt there’s a new sense of urgency about how we can get social media to deliver on lead-gen objectives.

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