Virtual Worlds Forum

Back for the second year, Virtual Worlds Forum Europe 2008 is produced by the Virtual Economic Forum, Europe’s leading virtual worlds media company. Three days of congress, expo and workshops covering entertainment, enterprise, community, education, marketing, regulation, and finance… plus lots more.

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Date: 6 October 2008
Location: The Bridge, UK

Tech Garage

TechGarage is the first edition of a big event entirely devoted to venture capital and networking. Start-ups, enterpreneurs, developers, bloggers, and techology lovers alike, will gather to present themselves, find funds and develop new ideas

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Date: 20 June 2008
Location: Luiss, IT

TechCrunch BBC Debate

TechCrunch and the BBC are to hold and event to rationally debate and discuss the issues around the BBC's assets and technology.  Could or should the BBC develop an applications platform? What are the policy issues and implications surrounding this?

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Date: 25 June 2008
Location: BBC Broadcasting House, UK

Visual Web Convention

The Visual Web Convention brings together 4 conferences all addressing the next-gen Web. You can book day passes or access-all-areas AAA VIP passes AND individual event passes on this site.

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Date: 9 July 2008
Location: RIBA, UK

Digital PR , Web 2.0 & Tameside as a Digital Destination

Tameside is maintaining its beacon role by bringing together key speakers to share their experiences with businesses acriss Tameside and surrounding areas.

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Date: 18 June 2008
Location: Stalybridge Civic Hall, UK

Festival of socially powered media in the post-broadcast era

Over the 2nd and 3rd of July the 2gether08 festival in London will look at how ideas and popular technology interact. The event is a forum that looks at improving our lives through digital media. Those presenting or developing ideas in the sessions at 2gether08 can take advantage of potential investment from 4IP’s £50 million fund.

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Risk management and social media

Apparently, in 2007, 16% of companies saw confidential information divulged online, 1 in 10 saw financial information leaked and ¾ of companies disciplined employees for abuse of email. So how do you know if your employees aren't divulging company secrets online? Simple – you don’t.

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Internet Statistics Compendium


A comprehensive compilation of internet statistics and online market research with data, facts, charts, and figures.

Our latest version contains numerous updates including new data on social media, blogging, email, search marketing and mobile.

The guide has been collated from information available to the public, which we have aggregated together in one place to help you quickly find the internet statistics you need, to help make your pitch or internal report up to date.

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MeasurementCamp III: This time it's frameworks

Now on it's third installment, I finally managed to escape the office for a couple of hours to attend Measurement Camp III. Sadly, I was concentrating too much to take much in the way of notes, but various people have promised to write up the information on the Measurement Camp wiki, under pain of Will getting grumpy ;-)

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365 friends: It's the year of the geek

God bless my parents. Heaven knows how they coped. I was a right rotter in my teens. All loud music, piercings and dyed blacker than black hair. My music was their biggest bug bear. “Like a fire engine in a tumble dryer” was how my dad described the racket emanating from my pit.

Fast forward to today and the generation gap has slowly disappeared.

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Channel 4 marries learning with social media

Channel 4’s promise? To strengthen their connection with young audiences by embracing mulitple platforms and devoting £6 million of their budget to higher risk projects.

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Pics and audio from Chinwag Live: Micro Media Maze

Everything went micro, at the latest Chinwag Live event, Micro Media Maze. Well, that's not including the panel who, by all accounts, had a lot to say for themselves.

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Bringing together creatives, change-makers and innovators from a wide range of fields to explore collborative technologies and find out how we can use them to solve the greatest challenges facing society today...

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Date: 2 July 2008
Location: Rochelle School, UK

Measurement Camp V

Regular, free meet-up of web developers; buzz monitoring folk; social media planners; smart PR people and more to solve the question: how do we measure social media?

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Date: 6 August 2008
Location: The Coach and Horses, UK