Advanced CSS

27 Jun 2008 - 10:00

During the one-day interactive course you will:

* Learn advanced three column CSS layout techniques (using floating and negative margins)
* Discover how to lay out an entire web page using only floats (and not positioning)
* Understand different browser interpretations of CSS (including Internet Explorer 7)
* Find out how, when and why to use CSS hacks to send different commands to different browsers
* Lay out a form without the use of any tables
* Produce highly advanced list-based navigation effects (including CSS-driven dropdown menus)
* Create curved borders (both with and without using background images)
* Learn the different CSS shorthand properties to minimise the CSS file size
* See first hand the next generation of CSS commands and the future of CSS

You'll also receive a free 80-page colour handbook that contains all tutorials.

The course is aimed at experienced developers that have been working with CSS for some time. If you've already started using CSS for layout then this course will help you take CSS to the edge to create cutting-edge, cross-browser web pages. If this course seems too advanced for you then check out our excellent intermediate CSS training1.
Advanced CSS trainer

The advanced CSS training is run by Webcredible's Head of Accessibility, Trenton Moss. Trenton is one of the most recognised names in accessibility and CSS and is constantly taking CSS design to the edge and beyond. He's passionate about what he does and often writes research articles. His work has been published and endorsed on over 100 websites and in numerous offline magazines and newspapers.

Our hands-on advanced CSS training has received great feedback from participants.

  • The advanced CSS training course lasts for one full day
  • All participants must be confident with the fundamentals of HTML and CSS to take the course
  • Courses usually have a maximum of 10 participants due to their interactive nature

We usually run our advanced CSS training the day after our intermediate CSS training1 and two days after our web accessibility training2 course, so you may wish to come on two or three courses. Book the same person on to two courses at the same time and get a 10% discount or book three courses and get a 20% discount! Our next course dates are:

  • Friday 27th June 2008 (4 places available)
  • Friday 25th July 2008 (6 places available)
  • Friday 5th September 2008 (6 places available)
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