Intermediate CSS

26 Jun 2008 - 10:00
During the one-day interactive course you will:

* Learn how to lose the tables and create a three column CSS layout with positioning
* Produce creative designs with advanced formatting effects and background images
* Create boxes with curves
* Understand the rules of inheritance and the difference between inline and block elements
* Produce attractive horizontal and vertical list-based navigation
* Learn about the box model and how to apply borders, padding and margins
* Create a web page which is automatically print-friendly
* Discover how to use relative and absolute sizing correctly
* Find out how to plan and correctly comment your CSS files

You'll also receive a free 80-page colour handbook that contains all tutorials.

The intermediate CSS training is aimed at people that have been using CSS mostly for formatting effects whilst still using tables for layout. It's designed to help you perfect your CSS understanding so you feel more confident taking on more difficult projects. If this course seems too basic for you then check out the excellent advanced CSS training2.

The intermediate CSS training is run by Webcredible's Head of Accessibility, Trenton Moss. Trenton is one of the most recognised names in accessibility and CSS and is constantly taking CSS design to the edge and beyond. He's passionate about what he does and often writes research articles. His work has been published and endorsed on over 100 websites and in numerous offline magazines and newspapers.
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