Media Law and the Internet

23 Jul 2008 - 11:55

Is publishing online a minefield or are the legal requirements relatively straightforward? This practical course will explain how libel, copyright and other legal issues relate to electronic media.

Suitable for: Journalists or anyone who needs to improve their knowledge of the legal aspects of publishing material on their website.

Course content:
• differences and similarities between libel in print and on the web
• potential danger areas posed by electronic publishing including chat rooms, reader forums, archives and emails
• grey areas of internet law
• jurisdiction – the internet is a global medium so where can you be sued?
• is it safe? Defences to libel and techniques to avoid trouble with web material
• malicious falsehood – what it is and how it can be applied to material on the web
• copyright issues and the main problems posed by the internet
• other potential dangers identified including data protection
• Q&A; a session on attendees’ specific legal issues and queries

To find out more about Media Law and the Internet check out the course homepage.

Periodical Publishers Association
Queens House, 28 Kingsway
United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland