Technical Writing - NEW

4 Sep 2008 - 09:30

This course focuses on essential skills of technical writing. With analysis and exercises, it develops logical thinking along with abilities to explain things clearly without jargon or acronyms. It also covers instructions to readers, product reviews and effective use of devices such as bullets, text boxes, graphs, diagrams and captions.

Suitable for: Journalists and feature writers who need to turn complex technical or scientific material into effective stories for non-specialist readers.

Course content:
• know the business: discussion of good and bad examples
• briefing yourself: how to understand the story before you start
• how to break a story down into small steps
• developing a style of clear, un-fancy English
• how to lure readers into a technical story
• how to make a complex story easy to follow
• how to write instructions
• breathing life into press releases about new products
• what does the reader really want to know?
• humanising a technical story: show don’t tell
• less is more: cutting text to the bone
• use of images on the page: graphs, boxes, pictures, etc

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