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Subject: FLASH: problems with flash 4.0a on mac reading pc .fla files and othermac flash woes...
From: diana jeon
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 20:51:55 +0100

i work in a new media arts lab helping students with the applications. we
recently wiped the systems and reinstalled all of our apps before the
beginning of the fall semester. since we did, we are having lots of
problems with flash. below is an excerpt from an email written to me by the
head of the new media program about the specific problems we are having.
can anyone help with this? we had no problems with the one g4 we had
upgraded to 4.0a last semster, but now it seems not to work. we have tested
for extension conflicts already, and that doesn't seem to be the problem.

> not sure i want the upgrade (flash 5)......the 4.0a on the MACs wont read my
> PC
> generated files, wont spin objects and is generally buggy. Help!!! Would
> you please reinstall the 4.0 before my class loses their minds?

thanks for any help you can provide.
diana jeon

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  Re: FLASH: problems with flash 4.0a on m, Gabriel Mulzer

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