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Subject: FLASH: Radio Combo buttons
From: maxx
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 15:11:00 +0100


Got a dilemma with radio buttons.

Thirteen buttons in a row and only one needs to be selected at a time.
Buttons is stored in mc (actually just one duplicated 12 times) and mc is
labeled appropriately with "up" and "down" frame stops.

I'm working with a looping action, but I believe this recipe doesn't
necessarily work properly with my condition:

On (Press)
Set Variable: "Counter" = 0
Loop While (Counter<1)
Begin Tell Target ("radio"&counter)
Go to and Stop ("radio stop")
End Tell Target
Set Variable: "Counter" = counter+1
End Loop
End On

It's better than when I was just telling targets...but none can be selected
for more than the duration of the mouse press.

Any ideas for something simpler. I'm having a major brain fart this morning
and can't wrap my mind around this.

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