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Subject: Re: FLASH: com see my newborn flash baby
From: mingo
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 14:15:41 GMT

Hi John

Thanks for dropping by...

>Nice game but the there is a trick to winning everytime.
>Possibly the trick only works well on slower computers.

u knew that too...I realised it after trying out at my home PC, which is
slower than my office's one..hey..don't tell anyone. :>

actually just want to get a feel of using the Tell Target actions to
create a game, I know this game is not a really good design...but its my
first flash game :>

>The only thing not linked on your new site is the old cards!!

the old cards are obsolete now...will be creating new ones..let u know.

Thanks 4 the comments

Happy Holiday !
24 Dec 10:10pm


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