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Subject: Re: FLASH: Internic? whereis
From: Ross Kurzer
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 21:51:02 GMT

> I know from all of the commercial TV time that Network Solutions is burning
> up in my area that Network Solutions is not the internic of old, but a for
> profit company.

Network Solutions is a for-profit company, and always has been. They are also
currently the operator of InterNIC, the US government domain registry. This has
been the modus operandi for some time. A Network Solutions logo has appeared at
internic.net for years. internic.net may soon be awarded to another company, or

> And do I have to register with Network Solutions or another domain
> registration company?

You can register, or host, your site with any company, but you will pay
InterNIC, through Network Solutions, for the name fee.

> used to also be an email process with confirmation almost immediately.
> now. I have waited weeks with no confirm for the last couple of domains,
> yet they show as mine in a whois.

Always check the Whois. The registrations, if there are no overt errors on your
part, are usually done within minutes, and in Whois the next day. The
confirmation emails are sometimes a low priority, or don't get sent out at all.


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