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Subject: FLASH: problems controlling Flash via DWA/javascript in Netscape
From: Edward Cossette
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 17:41:56 +0100

This is more of an HTML/Dreamweaver question, but I haven't had any response
from those lists, so I figured I'd take a chance that one of you might have
a suggestion.

I'm using DW Attain to control Flash (e.g., on one interaction a particular
Flash movie plays, on a diff. interaction some other Flash movie plays.)

It works great in IE, but I get a javascript error in Netscape.

(Oh, and before anyone nails me for a hybid page using both Flash and HTML
("Why not just use all Flash!" I can hear at least one person clamoring")
let me say that I just don't have the time or skill to get it done that way.
Hopefully, as I get better with Flash 4 and scripting I will be able to use
all Flash at some point in the future.)

Edward Cossette

Del Mar College

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