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Subject: Re: Aftershock!!
From: John Croteau
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 10:25:08 GMT

Hi Stefan and all,

Aftershock is a very good tool (several uses).
HTML Scripts for Flash, FlashJava and gifs (or whatever combination
Create gifs (animated or static with image maps for buttons)
Extract Text from swf files for search engine robots or other uses.

Flash Player Java Edition is the FlashJava player that plays Flash
without the need for a plug-in or ActiveX control.

Both Aftershock and FlashJava are downloaded as a single package at:

Limitations for Flash Direction/Detection using Aftershock:
1) Requires JavaScript to work

2) If used with alternate content (gif/FlashJava), only provides Flash
to Browsers that can be Detected - MSIE 3/4 Win95/NT and Netscape 3+
with JavaScript enabled.

3)Internet Explorer Mac - Because there is no plugins array on Internet
Explorer for the Mac, JavaScript and VBScript cannot be used to detect
whether or not a plugin is installed. Therefore, if you set up
Aftershock to use another Media Type along with Shockwave Plugin, the
plugin will never be found and the browser will fall back to whatever
Media Type you have specified (Java or GIF.)

Flash capable Browsers which the Flash plug-in/ActiveX Control can not
be detected using JavaScript (and VBScript for MSIE 3/4 Win95/NT):
Netscape 2
MSIE 3/4 for Mac
Opera 3.0
AOL 3.0 (IWENG versions)

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  Aftershock!!, Stefan

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