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Subject: FLASH: QuickTime movie errors
From: John Szalay
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 19:01:42 GMT

Any help with this one would be great,

Flash 5 allows Quick Time 4 movies to be included within it. To view the
QuickTime movies you must compile the Flash file as a QuickTime Movie.
One of the options when compiling is to flatten the movie, which means all
the movies referenced will be included in the new compiled movie. When this
is left unchecked, the movie references the source movie files. When playing
back on my development machine this works fine. When I request the compiled,
unflattened file from the server, it generates an error in the plug-in which
I believe is due to the fact, that the references are absolute and not
relative. I believe this because, when I map directly to the root drive of
the server, it does not generate the error. Also I compiled the file, and
flattened the movie so that all the referenced movies were compiled
together, and that compiled file played back fine when I requested it.

The downside to the compiled file is that it is enormous, and the playback
of this file is slow and nearly impossible over multiple machines across the
network. Yet with direct mapping to the root of the server on multiple
machines and using the unflattened file, playback is smooth, clear and great
on upwards of 6 machines at the same time on the network.

Is there something I might be missing here? Is there a way for me to use the
unflattened file, and supporting movies instead of a huge compiled flattened
movie, when delivering from a server?

I am running Windows NT 4.0 , Flash 5, QuickTime 4, on PC.

Thanks in Advance,

John Szalay
Information Systems & Technology Administrator
Precision Resource Canada Ltd.
4 Cherry Blossom Rd.
Cambridge Ont.
(519) 653-7777

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